2 Very Unique and Fun Baby Shower Games You’d Never Think to Play at a Baby Shower!

Baby shower games cannot involve activities that are too strenuous or too tiring, especially since the expecting mother is encouraged to participate in them. The game master needs to make sure that the celebrant (the pregnant woman) stay comfortable while guests enjoy the baby shower. Games, therefore, should be fun and simple and not stress inducing. The game master should be creative enough to put twists to old and popular games used in other kinds of celebrations.

For example, there is a way to make a classic game of charades fit into the theme of baby shower games. Doing this will make the game more interesting, and less tiring for all the players. This version, which is also called the Reverse Charades: Mother-and-Baby Edition, requires not just one player to act out a specific keyword or phrase. Instead, the game master picks one person, also called the “It”, to guess the keyword, and ask the remaining players to act it out.

How to Play Reverse Charades: Mother-and-Baby Edition:

The game master writes the words “delivery room” on a piece of paper. She then sticks this sheet at the back of the It. The other players are given ten to fifteen seconds to think of a way to act out the words, either individually, or as a team. The It is then given thirty seconds to one minute to guess the keywords. Because some guests may expect that baby shower games are just rehash of old parlor games, reversing the charade rules will be a pleasant twist that can make even guests who are hard to please participate in the activity.

How to Play Bring Me Baby Shower Game: 

Another classic that can be added to the list of improved baby shower games is the Bring Me baby shower game. The usual version of this game requires a player to bring to the front an item that the game master asks. In the revised version, the game master asks for something less tangible—dangling phrases with adjectives or descriptions, instead of asking for random items that the players may have hidden in their bags or purses.

For example, she can ask for “The fastest . . .” and intentionally cut off the sentence, so that the players do not know what she is really looking for. Representatives can go to the front, and only then will the game master announce that she needs “The fastest recitation of the alphabet.” The expecting mother can then act as the judge, and time the representatives as they recite the alphabet as quickly as they can.

Revised versions of baby shower games are easy ways of keeping the party fun and not boring. By being creative, the game master can continue to capture the interest of the guests for the rest of the party, or at least until the food is served.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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