3 Pieces of Advice For Planning a Succesfull Baby Shower Right From the Start

baby-shower-balloonBaby showers have been around for a long time. First, they were a mere get-together where friends used to give the mother-to-be valuable gift items she could use for the new arrival. Nowadays, baby showers mean so much more. They are a celebration incorporating a gathering of close friends and family of the mom-to-be. A baby shower features a lot of fun games, topics related to babies, and amazing food. It is a really good opportunity for the special people in your life to welcome a new baby into this world.

Below you can read some quick tips and easy advice if you are hosting a baby shower. It’s not as hard as it may sound. Read through it real quick, and I bet your confidence level will be boosted!

1.) Who Throws A Baby Shower And When It Should Happen

Ideally, anyone apart from the mom-to-be or dad-to-be should hold the baby shower. The words say it all – it is thrown for the newly expecting parents. So they should not have to make all the effort. The baby shower can happen soon after conception as well, but people typically throw baby showers when the mom-to-be gets closer to giving birth. This is an idea that is highly advised. The mom-to-be is showing a big belly during that time, and it makes the whole concept seem more relevant.

Before you set an official date for the shower, be sure to talk to your guests. They may have prior commitments because of which the date that you are about to set might not be feasible. It is always sad if you send out invitations only to find out that the most important guests are unable to attend the event.

If the baby shower is held after the birth of the baby, then guests can bring gender specific gifts, and spend some quality time with this bundle of joy.

2.) Location And Invites

The location is a really important factor. If you do not want the shower to be at someone’s house, then pick a spot that will be most comfortable for your guests. An outdoor themed baby shower will not be a bad idea. Your location should also be within reach for all your important guests, and you need to make sure that everyone is comfortable.

The invites can be beautifully decorated according to the theme. They can be sent to the guests by post or email. Include details of the event on the card, and be sure to send out the invitations at least a few weeks prior to the event.

3.) Baby Shower Day Activities

If you are planning to follow a particular theme for the baby shower, then the day should completely follow that particular theme. You should include food and drinks along with many fun and silly games that would revolve around babies. Be sure to keep all your guests involved in the fun and when it is time to leave, give out goody bags to your guests. You can even keep prizes for people who win in the games.

Baby showers are a truly fun and special occasion. They signify that something great is about to happen – that a couple is about to or has had a beautiful baby. Make the occasion memorable and make sure the new parents have the time of their lives.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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