4 Top Baby Shower Games for a Successful Baby Shower

top baby shower gamesBaby shower games are considered an important part of a successful baby shower. Just as a children’s party without parlor games is considered dull and boring, a baby shower without baby shower games feels incomplete!

Choosing the right games is a very important part of hosting a baby shower. Playing fun and unique games, in addition to traditional games are a good way to keep your guests entertained.

The best kinds of baby shower games are those that combine the fun and the educational (not only for the expecting mother) but for the guests as well.

Below are 4 of the top choices for baby shower games that an expecting mother, or her event organizer, can choose from.

4 Top Baby Shower Games:

  • Baby Items in the Basket.
    • Distribute pencils and small pieces of paper to all the guests. Place ten to fifteen common baby items inside a basket and cover them with a diaper. Pass the basket around and ask each guest to stick their right or left hand in it. She is then given ten to fifteen seconds to identify as many items as she can. The guest with the most number of correct answers wins.
  • Dress the Baby.
    • Ask the guests to divide themselves into two teams. Each team should pick one representative that will act as the “baby.” Both teams are then given two bags filled with plus sizes of baby clothes: cloth diapers, baby hat or bonnet, and others. The bag can also include baby items, like a feeding bottle and rattle. The teams are given one minute to dress up the “baby” using all the items found in the bag. The expecting mother can act as a judge and pick the team with the more creative, realistic, or funny rendition of a newborn child.
  • Feed the Baby.
    • If game number two requires players to dress an adult in baby clothes, this game asks them to feed each other instead. Group the guests into pairs, and give each pair two plastic spoons, two bibs, and a bottle of baby food. One at a time, the pairs will feed each other simultaneously. But there is a catch! Both players will be blindfolded, and stand at least three feet from each other. The pair that takes the shortest amount of time to finish the baby food is declared the winner.
  • Dirty Diapers.
    • This is considered as one of the most fun but gross baby shower games. This game requires five to seven cloth diapers, and players with a strong stomach (and excellent sense of smell and taste). Put different kinds of melted chocolates in the diapers, and ask the players to guess them by sniffing or tasting each sample. Squeamish guests will probably avoid participating, so prepare great prizes for those who will join in the fun.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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