4 Unique and Original Baby Shower Themes That Will Make Your Guests Say Ooooh and Ahhhh

You are hosting a baby shower and you need cute (and unique!) baby shower themes STAT. One of the most important things that sets a baby shower apart from the “it was good” to “it was great!” status is the decorations and themes. Below are some unique and original ideas for some very easy to pull off baby shower themes – that will make your guests say ooooh and ahhhh!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This children’s book classic is a great idea for a baby shower theme. It will involve bright colors and strong elements of the story. For this, you can incorporate bug themed threats, and put milk and juice cups as part of the mocktails and cocktails. More colors can come about if you place a lot of fruits on the table. Bake an amazing caterpillar cake surrounded by red sugar sprinkled cupcakes along with the delicious fruit shaped cake pops. All of this will help give a garden like feel to the décor. Take away gift bags can include runts within the bag along with a personalized thank you note.

hungry caterpillar baby shower theme

(Image credit : Catch my party)

The French Stork Baby Shower

This décor will include a completely modern take on the classical stork theme. You can mix and match different accents and wrap a foam piece with lots of ribbons to make a life preserver. Purchase nautical flags and incorporate blue, black, and red linens. Your storks everywhere should be dressed in blue striped berets and shirts, and be sure to include these storks on cookies, cakes, and invitation cards. Your centerpieces can be simply designed with vases which are red and navy ribbon wrapped.

french stork baby shower


Image Credit : Wh Hostess

Mod Fish

The mod fish theme will include bright colors which is absolutely easy to pull off, and will make your party elegant. Remember to incorporate just two to three bright colors because more colors than that may overwhelm your guests. Get removable white vinyl fish decals and glue them to various vases, and then fill these vases with water along with a few drops of blue food coloring. This will help create an ocean like effect. Take lots of blue and white colored balloons, blow them up, and then paste them on a large white back drop. Serve guests with jello shots, cupcakes and punch with round ice cubes in it.

mod fish baby shower

She’s About To Pop

This party theme will involve hanging balloons of various shapes and sizes. Covering the ceiling with them is a must. Make sure the balloon colors go well with the overall theme of your party. Apart from balloon, you should include anything that pops or has the word pop in it at your party. Be sure to have fake pops, fruit pops, popcorn, lollipops, marshmallow pops, and a hot air balloon on the cake. You can have a contest involving balloon blowing in which guests will have to blow balloons the size of the mom to be’s pregnant belly.
Any baby shower can be made amazing if you have a few simple tips and tricks up your sleeve! With these original and unique baby shower theme ideas, you’ve got a great start!

Happy Baby Showering!

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