5 Baby Shower Games That Are Actually Fun

baby games that are fun

It’s not actually about picking a FUN game – It’s about the presentation of it

You have been nominated to host a baby shower for someone you know (or you graciously offered your services), and you need baby shower games that are actually fun, and not the stupid annoying same ol’ games everyone plays at their baby shower. We’ve put together some game ideas below for you to toss around and put to good use!

Baby Shower Games that are Actually Fun

What’s in Mommy’s Purse Baby Shower Game –¬†This game can be a lot of fun to play because almost every woman I know carries a purse, and every single one of them stuffs it full with crap they rarely need or use. It’s fun to play as a guest because we know our purse has a bunch of junk in it, and when we actually have an item from the list in their, it gives us a little bit of affirmation that it’s okay for our purses to be worse off than a second graders backpack! You can print the game here.

The Dirty Diaper Game – I don’t care how often this game gets played at a baby shower, it’s still fun to play! It’s almost like a staple for showers. Every baby shower should have some sort of dirty diaper game. You can play it various ways, which helps to keep it different than other showers. Use either melted candy bars or baby food to make a “mess” in the diaper. Each guest can have their own diaper, and the one with the dirty diaper is the winner, or you can do a door prize game and line the diapers up on a table, and then have each guest guess what is in each diaper.

Change the Diaper Race Game – The title of this game says it all – it doesn’t even need a description! You are going to get one anyway. Have a race to see who can change a baby’s diaper the fastest. You’ll need diapers and some baby dolls to play it, but the diapers can be given to the mom-to-be after the shower is over, and you can either buy some dolls for the game, or you could probably borrow some dolls from a little girl. Seeing as how play dolls are rather expensive these days, your best option will probably be to borrow them. Set up a station for the changing table, and let the race begin! It is more fun to have 2 people race at the same time instead of one person at a time. The game goes faster, and you can do a tournament style game by having the winners race each other.

Baby Shower Word Scramble – I know, it sounds lame. It’s really not though. Baby shower word scramble is a lot of fun if done right. It’s a quick game if timed, and the guests will enjoy it. As with everything, there are variations to how you can play the game. One of the most common ways is to time the guests (two minutes is usually sufficient) and the person who got the most correct answers is the winner. You can change it up a bit and allow teams to work together, or you could encourage the guests to chit chat among themselves to find the answers. If you play that way, obviously finding a winner is going to be more difficult, but it does engage the guests who don’t know each other to socialize with each other.

Baby Shower Bingo – Okay, so this game is not necessarily fun to play for the guests, but it makes gift opening more fun for them. Watching someone else open gifts can be kind of…well…boring after a while. Give the guests something to pass the time – Baby Shower Gift Bingo! You’ll need bingo cards for a baby shower and candy pieces to use as bingo markers. As the mommy-to-be is opening presents, every time she opens a gift that is on the bingo card, the guest covers that square up with a candy piece. For example if she opens a package of diapers, anyone who has diapers on their bingo card covers up the square with the word diaper. This continues on until someone covers all of the squares on their bingo card to make a blackout.

Truth be told, many people think baby shower games are not actually fun. There is just something about the whole attending a baby shower thing that doesn’t seem appealing to anyone really. They are “have to do’s”, and we all have to do them. Who wouldn’t prefer to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon doing what they wanted to do instead of going to a baby shower? Because of this reason is the reason baby shower games have such a bad rap. “They’re cheesy, they’re lame, they’re stupid…” You have probably heard it all, and you have probably said it yourself. The fact of the matter remains that baby showers are a tradition that goes back many years, and playing games is part of that tradition.

Baby shower games give your guests something entertaining to do to pass the time (even if it is stupid), and it makes the memories that much more special for the mom-to-be. Baby shower games actually can be fun – it’s all about how you present them. Your guests will have a good time as long as they are in good company.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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