5 Great Baby Shower Gag Gifts

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Article written by Jenny Franklin

Baby showers can be quite the momentous occasion for the soon-to-be parents. If it is their first child they may have a noticeable bit of anxiety coupled with their excitement. This is one of the reasons baby shower gag gifts were invented and are so popular to this day. A humorous gag gift can take any stress of being a new parent by bringing humor and levity to it. Here are some great ideas for gag gifts that will both liven up the festivities and humorously ease some of those new-parent anxieties.

1)      Diaper Changing Kit


The ever-popular dirty diaper kit is an excellent gift for the parents that seem about as willing to change a poopy diaper as perform plastic surgery. Your typical diaper changing kit will come with all of the high-tech tools parents will need to complete the simple task and definitely opens up the floor for fun jokes.

2.)      Duty Dial

Let fate decide who tends to baby every time with the baby duty dial. What’s fun about these things is that you can get them custom made to improve the odds of one parent not having the arrow land on them. For some parents, these little dials may want to be kept at bedside.

3.)      Mommy’s Sippy Cup

Baby Shower Gag Gift Ideas

After a long hard day mommy can now continue to speak baby even when she’s indulging in adult drinks. A subtle way of telling dad it is now his turn or that she is going to unwind the day with “Mommy is gonna drink with her sippy cup now”. A more adult natured gift but a humorous one nonetheless for mother-to-be that is known to relax with a glass of wine now and then.

4.)     Demotivational Stories

Gag Gift Ideas for Baby Showers

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Oh the fragile minds of infants. What better way to use their fear of monsters under the bed than to get them to stop whining. Definitely not the most practical solution but a funny gift everyone will get a laugh out of. Who knows, maybe mommy or daddy will test it out one day and find they now have a way to make the child stop crying on a whim.

5.)     The Most Fitting Pacifier Ever

funny baby shower gag gift ideas

Image Credit : Amazon – Mute Button

There will come a time or two where parents will wish they’re babies were like TV remotes where they can just press the mute button and all will be silent. Well, babies aren’t TVs but a pacifier is more often than not a good solution for calming baby down.

The best gag gifts tend to be the ones that will serve a purpose as well as carry a funny message. Be clever, be creative, be thoughtful. Like any other gift, it’s the thought that counts.

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Happy baby showering!

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