6 Baby Shower Games that Don’t Suck

Let’s face it – no one likes to attend a baby shower, with the exception of one person : the mom-to-be. We all do it. We put on a happy face and we pretend we’re excited about going to these things, but the reality is it’s something we just don’t like doing. Free time is sparse as it is, and we don’t like giving up our rare Saturday or Sunday afternoons. Baby showers suck, and the games we play at baby showers suck.  It’s a harsh reality, but a reality it is. Baby showers are what I call a “have-to-do”. We don’t like it, but we have to do it. If you have the pleasure of hosting a baby shower for someone, give your guests as much of a good time as you can. They’ll thank you for it. Here are some baby shower games that don’t suck (as much):

Baby Shower Games that Don’t Suck

Baby Shower Gift Bingo – This game is a good one to play, because it makes the gift opening portion of the shower more bearable for the guests (I know, that’s mean to say but think about it – how many people like watching someone else open presents? I rest my case.) The rules for gift bingo are very simple. Each guest gets a bingo card (you can print them for free right here : free printable bingo cards for baby showers). Use candy pieces like M&M’s, skittles or Hershey’s kisses as game markers. When the mom-to-be opens presents, the guests get to cover up anything that matches the gift on their bingo card. For example, if the gift is a bottle, anyone with bottle on their bingo card gets to cover up the bottle with a candy piece. This continues on until a guest gets a blackout and yells “Bingo!” The winner gets a prize, and the game starts over until all gifts have been opened by the expecting mommy. This game doesn’t suck because the guests aren’t bored out of their mind while gifts are being opened, and the game doesn’t take a million years to set up.

Baby Shower Trivia – Trivia games don’t suck either because, well…they’re fun. There are a ton of quick and easy trivia games you could play at a baby shower. Some examples are:

  • Baby animal trivia – match the baby animal name to the adult animal. Examples: Cat – Kitten, Dog – Puppy, Kangaroo – Joey…the list goes on. Throw in some not so common animals to make it a little more challenging.
  • Celebrity baby name trivia – match the celebrity to the name of their baby. This one may be generation specific. If the guest list is both younger and older people, make sure you have a good mixture of celebrities that both generations will be familiar with.
  • Guess the children’s book trivia – buy about 10 or so classic children’s books and take a line from each book. Read the line and have the guests guess what book the line is from. Whoever guesses the most lines correctly is the winner. This game doesn’t suck because the books can be given to the mother at the end of the shower as a gift.

There are literally a thousand different trivia games you could play. The key to making trivia games not suck is to keep them short. Games that draw out for too long become boring and boring sucks.

Don’t Say Baby – Clothes Pin Game – One of my favorite games to play at a baby shower because it doesn’t take any set up. This one is perfect for the mother-to-be who doesn’t want games at her shower, because the game itself isn’t really a game. It is played throughout the entire shower, and doesn’t interfere with any portion of the shower. Each guest gets a clothes pin when they arrive. You can decorate the clothes pins beforehand if you’d like, or you can buy little plastic colored ones to match the theme of the shower. The rule is simple – You can’t say the word baby. If someone at the shower says the word baby and someone else catches them, the person who said “baby” must give their clothes pin to that person. The guest with the most clothes pins at the end of the game is the winner. Note : The word doesn’t have to be baby. You can pick any word you want. This game doesn’t suck because it’s not really a game.

Baby Name Race – This is a fantastic game to play! The guests have 2 minutes to come up with as many baby names (girl or boy, depending on the gender of the baby) as they can in 2 minutes. It’s a good game to play because at the end of the shower, the names can then be given to the expecting mom as a name reference. Even if she has already chosen a name for her upcoming arrival, it’s always good to have that backup. You can get the baby name race game here : This game doesn’t suck because it’s a quick set up and it’s quick to play, so it won’t bore the guests.

The Baby Tray – Fill a platter or something similar with baby supplies. You’ll want between 15-20 items on the tray. Think diapers, Vaseline, desitin, pacifiers. Then take the tray around the room and give each guest just a few seconds to try to memorize what is on the tray. On your go, the guests must write down as many items they can remember. 30 seconds to a minute should be sufficient for time. This game doesn’t suck because it’s quick and the items can be used as a gift for the mommy. Also, it’s funny to see what people remember seeing and what they don’t. Trust me. It’s funny.

Lucky Duck – You’ll need rubber ducks for this one, but that’s okay because a mom can never have too many of them! (F.Y.I you can buy small rubber ducks at a dollar store). Number each rubber duck on the bottom with a sharpie marker. Fill up a large bowl with water and put the rubber ducks inside. Have each guest take a rubber duck when they arrive. When you’re ready to play, draw a number from a hat and the person with the rubber duck numbered with the drawn number is the winner. This game doesn’t suck for the same reason the clothes pin doesn’t suck – because it’s not really a game. It’s just a way for the guests to win something!

Just remember – the baby shower is for the mom-to-be. Keep her in your thoughts while you are planning the shower and it will be a success, no matter what!

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Happy Baby Showering!

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