6 Essential Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Will Never Get Old

Whether you’re already a mommy or not, getting a baby shower gift for a friend can be an extremely daunting task. You want it to be something memorable that can help the parents to take care of their baby but also to be within your budget. With so many restrictions involved, it can be a little complicated to find something that the mommy will love and use when the baby has arrived.

Bouncy Seat

what to give a mom for a baby showerThis is one of our favorites when it comes to baby shower gifts. Not only will it provide endless entertainment to the baby, it will be essential for the parents. The added safety provided by the bouncy seat will allow the parents some much needed rest knowing that their baby is safe and having fun. Not only that, it will be great for parents who are worried about all the new expenses to come with the baby.

Baby Monitor

This absolutely genius piece of technology is great for first time nervous parents. A portable baby monitor will allow them to keep an ear out for their baby. Baby monitors can range in complexity, which means you can make your gift as budget-friendly as possible. One thing to keep in mind is that the wider the range for the monitors is; the pricier they’re likely to be.

Nursery Essentials

While most parents are done with the nursery by the time a baby shower rolls around, there are certain items that are always needed in the baby’s room. This includes bedding, cushions, and toys. Find colors and patterns that will suit the décor if you’ve seen it. Geometric designs, and black and white patterns with baby animals tend to go with most décor themes. One thing to make sure is that the sheets are safe for the baby and allergy free.

Bath Kit

Baby bath time is absolutely adorable and extremely fun. Give the mom-to-be all the necessary items to make bath time fun and playful as well as effective. The first thing you’ll need is a baby tub, which can become the container that will hold everything else. Baby shampoo, mild soap, a hooded towel, and a washcloth are things that the baby will definitely need at the time of their bath. Add in a rubber ducky for good measure and your gift is complete. In fact, you can even sneak in some bath oils for the mommy when she wants to relax.

Sleep Kit

Sleepless nights are going to be a regular thing for the parents to be and this gift will try and make the situation easier on them. Make a basket and fill it up with a nightlight, a soft blanket, and some soothing music for them to fall asleep to.

Dinner Providers

This is a gift that the parents will begin to appreciate once the baby is here and the entire house is upside down. After a tiring day with the baby, moms and dads are highly unlikely to have the strength to make a meal from scratch. Create a group of loved ones who are willing to cook dinner for the family in the first few weeks after the baby is born.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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