7 Fun and Fabulous Baby Shower Themes For That Special Mom to Be

So you’re the chosen one who will be setting up the baby shower for your bestie’s adorable new baby. Although themes aren’t a must, they’re always much more fun. A theme can really help you integrate all the elements in your party and make it a truly memorable event for the mother to be.

This is an opportunity to go all out and celebrate the coming joy. You will be celebrating the arrival of a tiny human being about to be brought into this world and in this case, you are allowed to go all out!

The Bookish Mommy

If your pregnant friend has always been known for her love of books then you just know that a mini version of her will just be as smart. You can select a children’s book and start creating the elements around it. Whether it’s Dr. Seuss or the very hungry caterpillar, the theme will give just the right touch for your nerdy friend. In fact, you can even select a personal favorite of the mommy and set up the decor around it.

The Flower Shower

Who doesn’t love flowers? They smell great, they look beautiful, and they’re perfect for every occasion. Go totally traditional and add some crazy colors by adding balloons and flowers all over the place. Just make sure to account for any allergies before you do this. You wouldn’t want your guests to be sneezing on the big day.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are the absolute best! Big patterns or tiny specks, polka dots are a theme that isn’t only easy to pull off but also looms great every time.

Spa Shower

Remember that you’re celebrating a mommy to be and she is going to get immensely busy very soon. Pamper her while you have the chance because for the next 18 years or so she will be kept on her toes. A Spa shower will allow her to lay back and make the most of luxurious nourishing treatments, healthy foods, and bath accessories.

Tea Party Shower

This theme is just so classy and chic. Have the party in a lush green lawn where the guests are allowed to kickoff their difficult shoes and drink tea and eat cupcakes. If you’re going for a little whimsical theme, you can always go for an Alice in Wonderland tea party. The best part is that there are so many possibilities for the décor. Flowers, string lights and cupcakes; what more could you want.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This timeless classic always makes for a great theme. Plus, you finally have an excuse for using the beautiful Tiffany blue shade all over the pace for the décor. The Tiffany party will be just as sophisticated as Audrey Hepburn with beautiful vintage invitations and place cards.

Gender Reveal Baby Shower

You can swathe the venue in blue and pink and keep the gender of the baby a surprise till the end of the event, if you’ve already revealed the gender of the baby then you can go for the always traditional pink or blue shower.

As always, Happy Baby Showering!

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