Baby Name Race Game – Girl and Boy Versions

The Baby Name Race game is a lot of fun to play at baby showers. It can also serve as a duel purpose – if the mother-to-be hasn’t chosen a name for the little bundle of joy yet, she can use it as her own personal baby name book! (Even if she has picked a name, she may decide to go through it anyway just to see if there’s one she may not have thought about. So make sure to keep the copies of the game ;).)

Below are the screenshots of both boy and girl versions. If you came from the Baby Shower Games in a Box page and you wish to purchase this game separately, you can do so here. (You get both the girl and boy versions.)

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Baby Name Race for Girls Baby Shower Games Baby Name Race for Boys Baby Shower Games

You get both versions – Baby Name Race for Girls  and Baby Name Race for Boys – for only $1.50.  The watermark will not be on the games after purchase.



  • Enough copies of Baby Name Race for each guest
  • Pen/pencil for each guest
  • Something to keep time
  • Prize for the winner

1.) There are various ways you can play this game. You can time them to see how many names they can get for each letter, or you can time them to see how far they can get through the alphabet. Note : If the baby’s name hasn’t been chosen yet, you may want to time each individual letter, to get more names for mommy to pick from. 10 seconds is a good time limit for each letter.

2.) If you decide to time the whole alphabet, 2 minutes is a good number. Tell the guests they have 2 minutes to come up with as many names as they can. If there is no name picked yet, you can make a rule though, that they MUST have a name for each letter before getting points for additional letters. You can really tailor this game to any way you like.

3.) The person with the most names (points) wins a prize! Some other ideas to change up the game : You can give a prize to either the person with the most names,  to the most original name, or to the person with the most “Z” names…make this game your own!

Don’t forget to save the games so that the mommy-to-be can look through them later.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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