Baby Shower Door Prize Games – 4 Easy and Fun Ideas

Baby Shower Door Prize GamesThere are some games you can play “at the door” (as guests arrive) that don’t require actual “playing time” and can be a great way to keep the shower rolling. Door prize games are the perfect way to get the fun started right away, and they’re easy to do and your guests will love them!

Below are a few ideas for door prize games you could do to get the party started.

Baby Shower “Thank You Card” Door Prize Game – This is an amazingly simple way to help out your mommy to be while still having some fun with your guests. Buy a package of thank you cards (or several packages depending on how many people are attending). When they arrive, have each guest write down their name and address on an envelope and put them in a bowl. At the end of the shower, draw an envelope out of the bowl and the winner gets a door prize.

Baby Shower “Sticker Plate” Door Prize Game – Put a sticker on the bottom of one of the food plates (or cake plates). Tell your guests to check under their plate for the sticker. The person with the sticker plate is the winner and gets a door prize. Tip : It may be a better idea not to tell the guests about the sticker plate until they have all gotten their food. You don’t want anyone to go plate surfing ;).

Baby Shower “Don’t Say Baby” Door Prize Game – Also can be played as the Clothes Pin Game, this game can be simplified or modified to however you see fit. Buy a few packages of baby diaper safety pins and put them in a bowl at the entrance. When people arrive tell them to take a safety pin and pin it on their clothes. The rule is simple – anyone who says the word “baby” and another guests catches it, the person who said baby must then give that person their safety pin. At the end of the shower, the winner is the one with the most safety pins and gets a door prize.

Baby Shower “Candy Bottle” Door Prize Game – Fill a baby bottle up with candy (M&M’s, Skittles, Jelly Beans) and set it on a table at the entrance. Tell your guests to make a guess of how many pieces of candy are in the bottle and to write the number and their name on a piece of paper and put in a bowl. At the end of the shower, the person who has come the closest is the winner and gets a door prize.

If you choose to do door prize games, you can throw in a few traditional games also if you want (but it’s certainly not necessary, so don’t stress and overextend yourself over it.) Everything can be tailored and modified to how you want the shower to go. Remember, the prime focus of the baby shower is your mommy to be, so as long as you keep that in mind, everything else will fall into place.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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