Baby Shower Etiquette

baby shower ettiquetteBaby showers have been a part of our traditions for so long that there are many rules that have popped up over the years. As the tides are turning, we find that the grip of traditions on these life events is loosening.

When it comes to baby shower etiquette, be thoughtful, and keep in mind that you are celebrating the arrival of a baby into the world.

Trim Your Guest List

Remember that the event is to celebrate the guests of honor and you want loving caring people to be around them at this time of their life. Inviting your entire Facebook list and then some will not only lead to problems in planning, but will also look like an attempt to increase the number of presents.

Registry Information

If you’ve signed up for a registry, you’ll have to impart that information to the people that you’re inviting. Typically the registry information is included with the invitation on a separate piece of paper.

When signing up for a registry, make sure that it’s at a reasonably priced one. When selecting items for your registry, opt for small presents that the baby will absolutely need.

Expectations of the Mom-To-Be

If the baby shower is hosted by a friend or family member, you need to be a gracious guest of honor. Thank others that have attended to celebrate with you.
While it’s not common for the expecting mother to hand out party favors, it’s a nice additional touch. A little trinket to remember the day by is a great contribution to the event. In addition, make sure that you ask the host if they need your help when it comes to refreshments or cash.

More Than One Baby Shower?

All of us have different social circles and the problem just tends to multiply when you’re opting for a co-ed one. You can opt for a giant bash and invite everyone in one go but not all your guests will be comfortable with it. In addition, the host may not be able to afford such a shindig.

Chances are, multiple people from your friends groups want to hold the shower for you. This is an honor and shouldn’t be turned down. It’s typical for a mother to be to celebrate a baby shower separately for friends, family, and co-workers.

Who Hosts The Baby Shower?

There are many ways to skin a cat and when it comes to baby showers, people tend to forget that. While it is ideal for a best friend to host your baby shower, it is perfectly alright to host it yourself if no one has offered to throw one for you. Just remember to do it with tact, keeping the focus on the baby at all times.
If you have to host your own baby shower then keep it close knit focusing on making it a fun event rather than focusing on the presents.