Hosting a Baby Shower and Need Some Baby Shower Favor Ideas? Check These Out!

A baby shower is one of the most special times in a mothers life. It’s the beginning of her life that will be forever changed and she will always remember that day. If you are hosting a baby shower, one thing you have to remember to include are the favors – trinkets for your guests to take away from the special day. It’s a nice gesture and it really adds a special touch to the shower. They’re a nice way to say thank you to your guests for coming. Tip: They can also serve as table decorations. Below are some ideas you can use if you’re in need of some.

Baby Shower Favor Ideas – Cute and Easy!

Candy Bag Favor

Baby Shower Favor IdeasOne of the easiest things to give to your guests at a baby shower is a tiny netting/mesh bag filled with candy. Just cut netting pieces into even squares (you can get the netting fabric in different colors to really spruce it up) and lay the squares out on a table. Then put a little handful of candy onto the center of each square, grab the netting from each corner and wrap it up at the top, secured with a bow or ribbon.

You can use any kind of candy that you want, but a good rule of thumb is using tiny pieces of candy, like M&M’s, butter mints or jelly beans. You can take it even a step further and get the candy personalized. M&M actually has a website you can order personalized candy pieces from, and you can choose from different colors also.

You can get as fancy or as simple as you like with this favor idea. You don’t have to use mesh, you can choose to use little favor bags, or even decorative boxes. You can also put the bags into another decorative holder.


Personalized Mason Jar Favor

Personalized glass jarsThis is a very cute way to give a memento from a baby shower and the great thing about them is they’re re-usable for your guests.You can fill them with something sweet or colorful like candy…or you can put bath salts in them. You can buy bath salt for very cheap at a dollar store and then fill them up!

Another cheap and easy idea is to buy tea light candles and put a candle in each jar. You can have a few extra jars placed around the guests’ tables with the candles lit to add to the ambiance and decorations.




Sugar and Spice Ceramic Sugar Bowl

Baby Shower Favor IdeasAnother way to say thank you to your guests is a small sugar bowl they can take home with them. Of course depending on the amount of money you have to spend on favors, and how many guests will be attending, this option may be a little more than you were planning on.

Of course, if you’d rather do it yourself or save a couple bucks, you can always go to the dollar store and buy some cute ceramic bowls and decorate them any way you wish. The sugar and spice bowl makes a great shower favor because just like the mason jar, the guests will be able to use it and use it over again, and each time they do they’ll be reminded of the amazing baby shower you hosted!



Rubber Ducky Soap or Baby Shower Rattle Favors

Baby Shower FavorsI love this as a shower favor for a boy baby shower. It just really adds a cute theme to the shower. Place the little rubber ducky soaps around the room and on the tables, sprinkle some confetti around the table as well and you’ve got yourself a great decorative dual purpose baby shower favor. Make sure you remember to tell your guests they can take them home though! You probably don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of rubber ducky soaps.

Of course if that does happen, then it wouldn’t be that bad. It just means mommy-to-be will have another gift she can take home.




Rattle Baby Shower FavorBaby Shower Favor Ideas

What would a baby shower be without a rattle? Rattle just screams baby shower! For decorating purposes plus favors, buying little rattles and filling them with candy or mints is a cute way to say thank you. You can also play a game with the rattles – use them as noise makers!

You don’t have to fill them with candy – you can fill them with whatever you want. That’s the beauty of baby shower favors – it’s really up to you.

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There are so many different ideas you could do and ways to show appreciation for your guests company. It doesn’t matter how little or how much you spend on them, or¬†whether you buy or make your favors, the only thing that matters is that you’ve taken the time to say thank you to your guests.

Hopefully you can see just from these few ideas how many things you actually can do with the favors. You’re not limited to anything, and really…anything goes!¬† Candy, candles, bath salt are all great and cheap fillers that you can do so much with.

Have fun with making your baby shower favors, and as always…happy baby showering!

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