Baby Shower Game Spotlight: “I’m Going to the Nursery” Game

Baby shower games do not need to be overly complicated or use a lot of items. The most important thing is that the expecting mother, her husband, and their guests will have a chance to bond and enjoy themselves.

The “I’m Going to the Nursery” is one of the simplest, no-fuss baby shower games that an expecting mother can try in her party. It is one of those baby shower games that do not require any materials. All it needs is a quick reaction time and a creative mind. Similar to the children’s game “Around the World,” this game begins with the expecting mother inviting her guests to “go to the nursery” with her. In order to that, each guest should name one item that they will bring with them.

As part of simple but creative baby shower games, “I’m Going to the Nursery” offers two options:

One, the expecting mother and her guests can spell out the phrase “Going to the Nursery” using the first letter of the items they name. For example, the mother can name an item that starts with the letter G (e.g., green bib), which means that the next guest should name an item that starts with the letter O (e.g., orange dress), and the next one an item that starts with the letter I, and so on and so forth. Players are given only ten seconds to come up with an item. If they fail, they will be “left behind” and not allowed to go to the nursery with the rest of the guests.

The second option is a little more complicated and challenging. Instead of spelling the phrase “Going to the Nursery,” the mother can name a baby item instead. The next player should then find a connection between that item and another item, preferably one that is used by mothers and babies. For instance, the mother can say, “I’m going to the nursery. I will bring a feeding bottle with me.” The next player needs to think of a word that is related to the word “feeding bottle”—milk, for example—in ten seconds or less, or she will be taken out of the game. The next person then needs to come up with another word that is related to milk—white—but not necessarily related to the first word (feeding bottle). The game continues until there are only three players left in the circle.

As one of those baby shower games that require little material but big concentration techniques, “I’m Going to the Nursery” is sure to entertain and provide a different experience for the guests and the hosts alike.

Happy Baby Showering!

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