Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower GamesWelcome to our “Free Baby Shower Games” page! Are you or someone you know hosting a baby shower and need game ideas? Well you’ve come to the right place. Below you will find different baby shower games, and the best part is, you can get them for free. Just click on the links below. This will bring up the individual page for each game.

Free Baby Shower Games:

Clothes Pin Game
Baby Guessing Game
Dirty Diaper Game
The Rice Game
The String Game
Variation of the Dirty Diaper Game
My Water Broke Baby Shower Game
Place the Pacifier in the Baby’s Mouth Game
What’s For Dinner Baby Shower Game

Free Printable Baby Shower Games:

Baby Shower Bingo – Printable Bingo Cards
Baby Shower Word Scramble – Printable Word Scramble

More Printable Baby Shower Games

(Like the Baby Shower Sudoku? Get it here!)

Get Free Baby Shower Games has many baby shower games and ideas. No matter what kind of baby shower you are hosting, you can find great ideas here. Your mother-to-be will enjoy her special day, and your guests will be impressed with your hosting abilities. Get your baby shower games here if you are hosting a baby shower or, if you know someone who is need of a baby shower game, email this to a friend!

Please feel free to post a comment if you have a fun baby shower game you want to share, or you can email me and I’ll be sure to include the game on our Free Baby Shower Games page.

Happy Baby Showering!

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