Baby Shower Recipes – Simple Meatball Sandwiches

Baby Shower Recipes - Meatball SandwichIf you’re looking for the easiest and least amount of time consuming baby shower recipe, look no further! This is by far one of the easiest (and my favorite!) recipes of all time for any hosting event I do. I love it because it’s literally as easy as 1, 2.  It’s technically not even considered a recipe because you really don’t have to do anything.

What you need:

  • 1 Bag of Frozen pre-cooked Meatballs (I like the home style meatballs, but you can also buy Italian style)
  • 1 Bottle of any BBQ sauce you wish
  • 1 Bag of any rolls you choose (I like the Hawaiian king rolls)

Pour a little bit of BBQ sauce on the bottom of a crock pot, just a few squirts (not even enough to cover the bottom). Pour in a layer of frozen meatballs, pour a few squirts of BBQ over the layer of meatballs, add some more meatballs, more BBQ sauce…see the trend here? Continue with this until the crock pot is full. Note : You really don’t need to use a lot of BBQ sauce. Once it heats up, it becomes thinner and spreads easier. Too much sauce will make the meatballs too saucy.

Put the lid on the crock pot and cook it on low for a few hours, stirring occasionally to make sure the meatballs are covered with the BBQ sauce (and also to make sure the meatballs are not being burned on the bottom). If you’re running short on time, you can turn the crock pot on high. Just make sure to stir it more frequently. (It will still take about an hour for the meatballs to warm up evenly on high).

Once the meatballs are done, you can serve them right from the crock pot. Put the rolls in a serving dish (covered so they don’t dry out) right next to the meatballs. Guests can choose to either make a meatball sandwich with the rolls, or they can eat the meatballs as is.

That’s it! It doesn’t get any easier than that folks. :)

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Happy Baby Showering!

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