Baby Shower Sudoku – Boy and Girl Versions

Baby Shower Sudoku is among one of the most popular games to play at a baby shower! It adds a little bit of a quick brain teaser us women love so much. ūüėČ

Below are the screenshots of both boy and girl versions of the game. If you came from the Baby Shower Games in a Box page and you wish to purchase this game separately, you can do so here. (You get both the girl and boy versions.)

(If you ended up on this page by some other way, you may want to check it out Рyou get 14 different baby shower games. Click here to view all the games.)

Baby Shower Boy Sudoku and Baby Shower Girl Sudoku
Baby Shower Sudoku Boy Baby Shower Sudoku Girl

You get both versions РBaby Shower Boy Sudoku and Baby Shower Girl Sudoku Рfor only $1.50.  The watermark will not be on the games after purchase.





  • Enough copies of Sudoku for each guest to have their own
  • Enough pens for each guest
  • Prize for the winner

The instructions are below:

1.)  Print out enough copies for each guest to have their own game

2.) The goal is to complete the puzzle by filling in all of the boxes with the correct numbers.  Fill in each little box with a number 1-6 and each larger square must contain the numbers 1-6 only once. The numbers 1-6 must also only be on each line going up and down once. If a number is entered twice on any line or square, it will not complete the puzzle.

3.) You can either time your guests (give them two minutes to complete the puzzle – the person who got the most done and correct in two minutes wins), or you tell them “ready, set, go!” and the first ¬†person to complete the puzzle is the winner.

Prizes can be anything you want. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on them, just a little something to make the guest feel appreciated for attending. Here are some great¬†unique and affordable baby shower prize ideas¬†you can start with.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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