Baby Shower Themes for Boys 2013

She’s having a boy! And you need a boy baby shower theme. Let’s face it, sometimes things that were “in” or “cool” back in the day, aren’t…well…so much anymore. If you are hosting a baby shower for someone, one of the hardest parts about planning it can be picking the theme. You just want it and everything to be perfect for the shower.

Some things are classic and will never go away, and baby shower themes can certainly be one of them. See the below list for an example of the more traditional types of themes.

Traditional Boy Themes

  • Winnie the Pooh theme
  • Blue and Yellow Stork theme
  • Baby Buggy Theme (you know the one…a little blue or white pram)
  • Pacifier, Bottle, Balloon theme (matching table clothes, napkins, plates, etc.)

You can never go wrong with the traditional shower themes. No matter what, some things just never go out of style. That being said, you can never go wrong with changing it up and doing something different either. Below are some very cute ideas you could do for the theme.

Other Theme Ideas for Boys:

  • Green and Brown Polka Dots – This is a fun one! The polka dots can be varied sizes, and you can use solid colors to compliment the design. 
  • Rubber Ducks – Yep. Buy rubber ducks for table decorations, and the best part is the mother gets to keep them for her precious baby boy when the shower is over.
  • Make the theme about the baby’s mother – Who says it has to be about the baby? She’s the one doing all he work! Use her favorite colors or decoration ideas.
  • Baby Footprints – This kind of goes along with traditional, but still a very modern theme.
  • No Theme – Who says you have to? As long as the decorations are nice, and the atmosphere and ambiance are stellar, there is no need to make it a baby theme.                       

Here is a modern twist on a traditional theme (the blue table cloth and shapes are traditional, but the silvery shimmer and black colors add the modern touch):

themes for boy baby showers

Baby Showers for Boys 

In the recent years, it seems as though the themes of a baby shower have taken on a more modern design. Rather than using the old fashioned (and classic) ideas such as the ones above, a more temporary theme has inched it’s way into the decorations of the celebration. It’s becoming more and more modern, and less and less “babyish”.

Take a baby shower cake for example:

Then: Flat sheet, with balloons and congratulations written with icing. Usually the colors of the cake were white, blue, yellow or green. Very traditional.

Now: I’ve seen baby shower cakes that are tall sky scrapers, resembling much of a wedding cake. Layered, and the frosting matching the colors of the theme (brown, turquoise…anything NON traditional.)

Check out these cute cake ideas: (you can always build your theme around the cake!) 
boy baby shower theme
baby shower themes for boys
No matter what theme you decide on for the special occasion, just remember it’s about the mother to be, and she will be happy with it no matter what. YOUR job is to make her feel special and get her excited about her new upcoming bundle of joy!  There is no better way to make a mother-to-be realize… it’s REAL.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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