Essential Baby Shower Tips You Must Know – How to Host a Successful Baby Shower

‘Tis the season for baby showers!

Actually, every season is the season for baby showers! Women all over the world are pregnant every second of every day. What this means is baby showers will always and forever be around, and the chances are extremely high you know someone who is having a baby, and just as high that you’ll be attending a baby shower this year. Baby Shower Ideas

If you are hosting the shower, it is very important you understand the essentials of hosting a shower. Having a successful shower for the mother-to-be greatly depends on you and your ability to plan, and to pull off certain aspects of the event requires careful planning on your part.

Use these simple baby shower tips and easy checklist so that you may give your mother-to-be the baby shower she deserves! (And you keep your sanity in the process!)

How to Host a Successful Baby Shower

Baby Shower Tips – The “What-to-Do’s” and “Must-Have’s”

First, let’s get started with some tips and advice on how to start planning a baby shower – read through them, take it in stride, and have a great celebration!

  1. Make sure you get invitations out at least 2 weeks before the baby shower. The expectant mother should provide you with an address list. Make sure she remembers to include the baby’s daddy’s side for the invitation list! You don’t need to go all out for invitations and they certainly don’t need to be expensive , but a good rule of thumb is to make sure they are appropriate for a baby shower. You can make your own or buy them relatively cheap from any store.
  2. Decorations are not entirely a must have, but they most certainly add to the fun. There is no need to go above and beyond in this. Streamers, balloons, table coverings, these are all nice added touches that can make a baby shower feel more like a baby shower. Table confetti is always fun too.
  3. You want to make sure you have plenty of food and drinks for your guests. You do not need to cook a full course meal and over serve (and over work yourself), but it’s nice to have plenty of appetizers so all your guests may enjoy the food. Having 3-4 different food options is a good idea. People take the time out of their day and money out of their wallets for gifts – food is definitely a way to appreciate them for that. Drinks don’t have to be over done either. Lemonade and ice tea are great choices. Paper plates, cups, spoons, etc should also not be forgotten! Nothing worse than having food and nothing to eat it with. Decorated paper plates and napkins add a special touch to the baby shower. Again, these can all be purchased for relatively inexpensive prices. A dollar store should also have great choices you can pick from.
  4. An important part of the tradition is a baby shower cake. Don’t forget the cake! Check with your mother-to-be and see what kind of cake she prefers.
  5. Games. You should incorporate some kind of baby shower game into your party. This ensure your guests are entertained and don’t feel like they just showed up with a gift. If you decide to do games, make sure you have prizes to give out. You can find nice prizes at a dollar store so as not to hurt your pocket book.

If you decide to do games (you really should have something going on during the festivities), make sure the games keep the flow going and they don’t stop the advancement of the shower. Remember, you have to fit food, cake and gifts into the time slot of the shower as well. There is nothing worse than attending a long drawn out shower that seems to never end. A pretty good idea of the length of a good baby shower is about 2 hours. It will most likely go over that, but anything much longer will get on the guests nerves.

Baby Shower Tips – Decoration Ideas – Keep it Simple

Lantern garlands are great for decorations, as well as any hanging decorative piece, such as banners or streamers. You can get baby shower decorations from a dollar store, or you can shop online for great deals.

Tip: You can hang garland around the food table. This makes a cute display around the center of the action.

Confetti is also a nice way to go for decorations. If you use a table cloth (which you should) it will be a quick clean up. All you have to do is remove the table cloth.

For other great baby shower decoration ideas, check out our previous posts: Baby Shower Decorations for a Girl and Baby Shower Themes for Boys.

What to Serve at a Baby Shower? – Again, Keep it Simple!

Baby showers serve one purpose – to provide the mother-to-be with gifts. It’s a tradition that has been celebrated for many years, and the benefits for the new parents are unparalleled. However, because we are expecting people to bring gifts, it is a good idea to provide the guests with something in return – like food and drinks.

Light food and finger foods are absolutely acceptable, and should be considered rather than a full meal. As mentioned above, tea and lemonade are perfect for drinks. Read our posts on Simple Shower Food Ideas and Baby Shower Food Ideas-What Should I Serve at a Baby Shower for more easy baby shower food ideas.

Baby Shower Tips – Games for Baby Showers

Games keep your guests involved and entertained. They are another traditional part of the baby shower. Below are some simple games you can play that will add fun and spark to any baby shower! Remember, if you do games, you need to get small prizes for the winners. Nothing extraordinary or expensive. Just a little trinket showing appreciation to your guests for coming.

  • The Rice Game : This game is NOT as easy as it looks – and that’s the fun part!
  • Baby Shower Bingo : No matter who you are or where you’re at, Bingo is always fun!

* To see a list of all our free baby shower games on this site, go here: Free Baby Shower Games

So there you have it! In a nutshell. Hopefully these baby shower tips have given you some good ideas on how to host a successful baby shower, and have gotten you off to a running start on planning the perfect shower for that special mother-to-be!

Happy Baby Showering!

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