Choosing Baby Shower Games

Baby showers have been a tradition for a long time now. Chances are high you’ve attended at least one in your lifetime. The chances are even higher that won’t be the only one you attend. If a close friend or family member is expecting a new baby, you may be the perfect candidate for hosting the shower. While this may or may not be music to your ears, rest assured when it comes to planning the baby shower games, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Do You Have to Have Baby Shower Games?

Baby Shower Bingo Boys ScreenshotBaby shower games are really a must have for all showers. Why? Because they’re fun! Also because they keep the shower moving forward and any possibility of a lull in the celebration is minimized. Games or activities give the guests something to participate in, and for that reason alone makes them worth it. They also provide guests an ice breaker. Remember, not every one on the guest list will know each other. Games provide an easy and unobtrusive way of bringing complete strangers together (in theory at least).

Games don’t necessarily have to be wacky and zany. They can just be normal and traditional if you want. Your guests will have just as much fun, I promise. Take the Bingo game to the left for example – everybody loves Bingo! It offers the guests a fun time, and essentially says thank you for coming.

We’ll take a look at some other games you can play at a baby shower throughout this page. Just remember, a baby shower is about having fun, not stressing out. So take a deep breath, relax, and read through some of these game ideas. You’ll pull it off. 😉

The Different Types of Baby Shower Games

Printable Baby Shower Games or Not?

You basically have two options when it comes to choosing baby shower games. There are printable baby shower games where the guests each get a game (printed on paper – hence the name) or there are other types of games that don’t require any paper or writing utensil.

In my opinion, it’s good to combine both types of games in the celebration. Choose a few printable games, and choose a few non printable games. This helps to change it up so the games don’t get boring and the guests don’t get…well, bored. It’s also a good idea to mix up the order of the games. Don’t do all of your printable games first and then the rest of the games second. Mix ‘em up!

Printable games are great to have because they really engage the guests. Take the Baby Name Race Game for example (pictured here). If you time the game, the guests become really excited to try to “beat the clock”. Another advantage to playing this game, is the completed games can be kept and given to the mother to be as her own personal baby book. Very handy if she hasn’t chosen a name for the upcoming arrival yet.

Other Types of Non Printable Games to Play

You Can Get Gross or Keep it Clean!

Gross…let’s talk dirty diaper gross. That’s right. One of the most popular games to play at a baby shower is the Dirty Diaper game. There are various ways to play this game, and each one is funny. The main idea behind the dirty diaper game is to make a diaper “messy” with either melted candy bars or baby food jars (I find it a little easier to make it look real by using baby food. Plus, when the candy bar cools off, it tends to keep the diaper closed, making it a little harder to tell what was in it.)

Two of the most popular ways to play this hilarious game are outlined below.

First Way to Play the Dirty Diaper Game
Place candy bars or baby food in about 5-7 diapers. If you use candy bars, make sure remember to melt the candy bars in the diaper before the guests arrive. Lay out the diapers on a table. Have the guests go by each diaper and take a guess at what made the mess! They have to guess what kind of candy bar was used, or what kind of baby food was used.

Second Way to Play the Dirty Diaper Game
This is a great way to play the game if you would prefer the guests not lining up to view the diapers. Prepare only one of the diapers the same way you would in the first version above. Each person gets to choose a diaper. The person who chose the diaper with the mess in it is the winner!

Both ways are fun, and it doesn’t matter which way you choose. It really just depends on your guests list and the flow of the shower you want.

Another great game is the Rice Game. This game is so hard, it’s not even funny! It certainly doesn’t look hard though, which is why it’s funny. Your guests will not believe how hard it is. They’ll most likely have comments to say about how easy it’s going to be when it’s their turn. You’ll know better though ;).

To Play the Rice Game
First, you’ll need a box of little safety pins and a bag of uncooked rice. Poor the bag of rice and the box of safety pins into a bowl. Mix it up.

The goal is to see who can pick out the most safety pins from the bowl of rice. The catch is the guest must be blindfolded. Give each guest a turn and time them. 30 seconds to a minute is plenty of time. You don’t want to give them too much time that the other guests get bored. The person who fishes out the most safety pins is the winner!

Trust me, this game is HARRRRD.

Baby Shower Game Prizes

Don’t Forget Them!

Really, don’t forget the prizes. If you are going to play games, you have to have prizes. Don’t worry though – they don’t have to be extravagant or expensive. The dollar store is a great place to find prizes. Candles are always a good prize. If you can, try to make the prize match the game. For example, if you play the dirty diaper game with candy bars, the prize could be the correct candy bar. You can choose to have multiple winners for each game if you want. Just make sure you have enough prizes for the winners, and backups in case of a tie!

Hopefully this has given you some great ideas to start with when it comes to planning for baby shower games. Your guests will enjoy themselves, and the mom-to-be will enjoy herself even more, I promise!

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Happy Baby Showering!

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