Clothes Pin Game for Baby Showers

Clothes pin game

You can buy plastic colored clothes pins for this game, or you can get really fancy and get the traditional wood pins and decorate and personalize your own!

The first game in our list of free baby shower games is called the Clothes Pin Game. This is a very easy game to play, and the guests of your baby shower will enjoy it because it continues throughout the entire shower. The rules are simple. Below are the instructions on how to play The Clothes Pin Game at a baby shower:


  • Enough clothes pins for each guest to have one
  • Prize for the winner

1.) The game begins when everyone has arrived.

* The hostess hands out a clothes pin to each guest.
* The rules are explained at the beginning of the baby shower, once every one has arrived. (As the hostess, you can make them whatever you want! Use as many or as little as you want. Example rules are listed below.)

2.) Each guest at the baby shower must clip a clothes pin onto their clothes.

3.) If someone breaks the “rules” and another guest catches it, the person how broke the rules must then give up their clothes pin to the person who caught the rule breaker.

4.) The person at the end of the baby shower with the most clothes pins (must be pinned to their clothes) is the winner!

Example rules:

  • No crossing your legs
  • No using the word baby

Prizes can be anything you want. Candles are a common baby shower game prize, but it can be anything you desire. You’re the hostess, make it your own! A dollar store is a great place to shop for baby shower prizes.

This is an excellent game to play at baby showers, because it involves everyone in attendance. The laughter you’ll surely get from your baby shower guests will make the mother-to-be remember her baby shower, and your hostessing abilities will certainly be envied.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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