Deciding Who Should Be Invited to a Baby Shower

Baby showers are such a special occasion, and should be treated as such. A new life is going to enter the world, and two other people will have their lives forever changed in a way they never though imaginable! The celebration should not be stressful in anyway for the mom-to-be – it should be one of her favorite memories of all time.

Deciding Who Should Be Invited to a Baby Shower

Deciding on the guest list can sometimes create a little bit of a stress in itself. Should it be a large party, or just a few close friends in attendance? Should the dad’s side of friends and family be included, or should it only be the expecting moms side? All of these questions can bring unnecessary anxiety when it comes to planning the first step of the baby shower – the guest list.

It is generally and widely expected to include the expecting fathers side of the family in the baby shower. After all, he is about to become a parent also! His family should certainly be included.  In some cases though, it may be more uncomfortable to have them there than it would be beneficial. For example, if the couple is no longer together and there are harsh feelings toward one another, it may not be the best idea to include his side.

If there are amicable feelings towards each other, and the mother-to-be is comfortable with it, then it is perfectly acceptable (and even recommended, since she will have contact with him and his family know for at least the next 18 years) to have one large baby shower with both the mother and father’s side. Keeping the peace between families is very important, for the child’s sake.

The size of the guest list will depend on a lot of different factors. Some being the size of where the baby shower will be held, and whether or not the mother-to-be wants to invite everyone she knows and their mother, or if she just wants to keep it small and intimate. Keep in mind – the more people she invites, the more goodies she will receive for her new bundle of joy – which is never a bad thing!

Inviting co-workers is also an idea! Many people become close because they work together, and the chances are high the mother-to-be has made some work friends that would like to participate in the celebration. Co-workers on the fathers side is also an option.

If the guests list becomes very large, there is always the option of breaking the baby shower into more than one shower, if needed. For example, you could have one shower for family only, and then another one for co-workers only. The same person doesn’t have to be the one to host it – a family member on one side could host the family shower, and a friend could host the co-worker shower. If the expecting parents have large families, another option would be to have a baby shower for the moms side, and then another one for the dads side.

There is no right or wrong way when deciding on the guest list for a baby shower. The most important thing here is the mother-to-be is going to celebrate her new arrival, and she’s going to leave making out like a bandit. Okay, maybe not like a bandit, but you get my point. She’ll have plenty of stuff to take home to her nursery.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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