Dirty Diaper Game

Dirty Diaper Game for Baby ShowersThe Dirty Diaper Game is a great way to get your guests laughing their tails off at your mother-to-be’s baby shower. Not to worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds!


  • 4-6 Clean Diapers
  • 4-6 Different Candy bars
  • Pen/paper for each guest (optional)

The instructions are below:

1.) Before your guests arrive, open all the diapers and lay them on a flat surface.

2.) Place a small piece of one candy bar in each diaper (make sure each diaper has a different candy bar inside.)

3.) Microwave each diaper for about 10-20 seconds. After the diapers candy bars are melted, close each diaper slightly so to mush the candy bars. (Make sure the diapers are not shut entirely, because when the chocolate begins to harden, the diapers will stay closed.)

4.) Place each diaper, slightly open on a table.

5.) When your guests arrive, have them survey the “dirty diapers”. Each guest takes a guess at what kind of candy bar is in each diaper. You can have them write down their answers, or play aloud.

6.) The winner is whoever guessed the most correct candy bars.
Prizes can and should be anything you want. Candles are a common baby shower game prize, but it can and should be anything you desire. Tip: An excellent prize for this baby shower game is the actual candy bar that was placed in the diaper (of course it should be unopened!) You are the hostess, so make it your own! A dollar store is a great place to shop for baby shower prizes, because you can get a wide variety of prizes for cheap.

This is an excellent game to play at baby showers, because everyone will be laughing at the craziness that is taking place . The laughter you’ll surely get from your baby shower guests will make the mother-to-be remember her baby shower, and your hostessing abilities will certainly be envied.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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