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A special guest post by Nancy Arnold

Easy Baby Shower Theme IdeasHosting a baby shower is exciting, but the planning process can be a bit daunting. Between planning the menu to coming up with unique games to play, you could easily get too overwhelmed to enjoy the party. Choosing a theme for the baby shower is not only a lot of fun, but will help to streamline the planning process as well. From baby shower invitations and decorations to food and gifts, these ideas for baby shower themes are sure to inspire you to host a memorable party.

A safari or jungle theme is a popular option for a baby shower, and with good reason. This theme is adorable, easy to pull off, and works easily for both genders. Start by sending out baby shower invitations   with animals on them. Buy paper plates and cups in a pink or blue leopard print, depending on the baby’s gender, or go for animal-adorned tableware instead. You can use small stuffed animals as centerpieces and miscellaneous party decor, which you can then give to the mom-to-be after the shower.

Serve a variety of jungle-themed snacks such as fruit skewers, fresh mangos, animal crackers, monkey mix (banana chips, mini chocolate chips, cashews and shredded coconut) and whatever else you think fits the theme. Serve an adorable monkey cake, elephant cake or cupcakes with zebra print wrappers.

Raindrops and clouds make a lovely baby shower theme since you are “showering” the mother-to-be with gifts and well wishes. This shower theme will work equally well for both boys and girls.

Fluffy white paper garlands or paper lanterns will make great “clouds” for your ceiling. If you have high ceilings, hanging upside down umbrellas creates a unique look as well. You can make paper rain drops, attach them to string and hang them around your space like garland, completing the rainy day look. Serve punch or mocktails in mason jars, adding little paper clouds to the straws.

The best part about a raindrops and clouds shower theme is that you can make the menu anything you’d like. You can serve classic rainy day comfort foods, like homemade mac and cheese or delicious slow cooker concoctions, or you can stick to simple snacks and finger foods. Order a cake shaped like a rain cloud or serve cupcakes with blue frosting. The guest of honor will love being “showered” this way!

If your guest of honor is more into tattoos than tea parties, perhaps a Rock a Bye Baby theme would be right for her. A little bit edgy and a whole lot of fun, this baby shower theme is gaining popularity. Send out guitar-adorned baby shower invitations that will let your guests know they should be ready to rock. Decorate in black paired with a bold hue such as turquoise, red or hot pink. Buy some rock n’ roll onesies decked out with guitars, skulls and band names. String them up using clothespins and use them as a wall decoration. You can also hang old records on the walls and hang paper stars from the ceiling. Put together a playlist of soft rock songs with “Baby” in the title, and send your guests home with star-shaped cookies as favors.

Make sure you select a baby shower theme that best fits the mom-to-be and will fit your needs and budget. Happy planning!


About the Author: Nancy Arnold is a blogger and party planner in Seattle, Wa. You might find her walking her two labradors on Alki Beach, or dancing in the kitchen to ABBA. She loves designing baby shower invitations on

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