Fantastic Ideas for Planning Baby Shower Games

One of the most joyous times for many women is pregnancy and those early times with their newborn. If someone close to you is about to have a baby, then you may want to plan a baby shower so that all of the women, and men if invited, have a fun time and that the new parents receive gifts for the upcoming Big Event.

In addition to tasty refreshments and gift-giving, a good baby shower has appropriate games for guests to play. Here are a few ideas that you can use to help design a fabulous shower:

Deliciously Dirty Diapers

Buy a large bag or two of fun-sized variety packs of candy bars. You will also need a box of newborn sized diapers; the more guests you have, the more you will need. In several bowls, melt the candy bars, each with a specific type of bar. You may also do some combinations to add to the fun.

Aim for various consistencies, flavors and colors. Put some of the mixtures into the diapers, labeling each one with the same letter you assign to the candy bar. If you made mixed ones, list the numbers for the ones used.

Let you guests squish, talk about and sample the diapers. The one who makes the most correct guesses wins the game.

Mum’s the Word

A super easy game that requires little preparation that everyone can get it on is this little gem that is played until the gift-opening portion of the festivities or until all but one person has lost.

The game is simple: As guests arrive, affix a diaper pin to an item of their clothing. Though the participants can say “mum,” mum is the word when it comes to murmuring “baby.” When a guest overhears another say the word, they ask for the diaper pin of the guilty party. They add this pin to their collection, and may keep them if found breaking the “rule.” When all but one person has lost their initial pin, everyone adds up the number that they have. The last person with their original pin, as well as the person who collected the most, wins the game.

Picture the Baby

Give each participant a paper plate and a pencil to draw an image of a newborn baby. You can either have them place the plate on their heads or blindfold each of them. Rather than being a contest, this is designed to give the guests a good belly laugh!

Your pregnant friend and all of the guests at the baby shower you are planning will enjoy playing these games as a part of the fun that celebrates the joys of newborns. From thoughtful to downright hilarious, make sure that there is some variety in the games that you use for your party, and attemmpt to coordinate them with a theme if the parents have one. For example, if the nursery will be decorated with a particular cartoon or similar motif, then you may want to adjust some of the games accordingly.

Jonathan Leger is a freelance writer and small business owner. He runs a popular question and answer website with many helpful parenting ideas at