7 Fun (An Extremely Easy!) Baby Shower Games To Keep Your Guests Entertained

Baby showers are all about fun, games, bonding with the people you like, and giving baby shower game safety pinsspecial attention to the mom-to-be. You can make your baby shower completely memorable by incorporating unique games, which people have never heard of or played before, and which can result in fun times for everyone.

Baby Shower Game Ideas

Baby Mad Libs

This game involves you pre-writing a story, which involves the mother and the baby. However, the unique thing about the story will be that you will be leaving out all the nouns, adjectives, and verbs. These will be later filled out by the guests at the baby shower, after which you will have to read the story out loud. The complete story is bound to leave everyone laughing out loud.

Don’t Say Baby

In this game, all the guests at the party are required to wear safety pins attached with strings around their necks. If anyone catches any of the guests saying the word baby at the party, they get to take their pin. The guest who ends up collecting the most pins wins the game. (You can read the full instructions here.)

Guess The Baby Animal

This game will involve you preparing a list of animals such as cat, dog, and lion, before the party starts. At the party, the guests will be required to guess the baby animal of every specie written on the card. For instance, the baby animal of a cat will be a kitten. This game will get challenging with more animals thus increasing the amount of fun and curiosity.

Baby Pictures

All the guests will be required to submit to you baby pictures of themselves, which you will hang around at the party. Once the party begins, every guest can go around guessing which picture belongs to which guest. (You can read the full game instructions here.)

Draw A Baby

The game will involve paper plates, pencils, and guests. To each guest, you will give a paper plate, which they are supposed to keep on top of their heads and a pencil for them to draw. The guests will be required to draw a baby without peeking, and the one with the best drawing will win the competition.

Guess The Poop

This gross yet delicious game will require you to melt mini candy bars inside diapers and then leave them to hang. The guests at the party will be required to guess which poop belongs to which candy by tasting the contents. (You can read the full instructions here.)

Celeb Mamas

In this game, you are required to tape pictures of famous celebrity mothers at the back of guests without letting them know. They will then be required to guess which celebrity has been pasted behind them by means of asking yes or no questions.
Games are amazing and fun for all age groups. But you need to take care that any game that you design should revolve around the basic baby shower theme which is all about a mom to be and her baby. Be sure to involve all your guests equally and make certain that nobody feels left out.

You can also play printable baby shower games. Games like Baby Shower Bingo and Baby Shower Word Scramble are always great games to add to the festivities! (You can view all of our printable baby shower games here.)

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Happy Baby Showering!

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