Hosting a Co-ed Baby Shower? Must Read Tips and Ideas

Co-ed Baby Shower Tips and IdeasA baby shower is a fun and great way to celebrate the upcoming new arrival for an expecting mommy-to-be, and it’s main purpose is to “shower” her with gifts she can use to help in carrying for her new bundle of joy.

Traditionally, a baby shower is hosted by a friend or a family member of the expecting parents, and…it only includes women (most men cringe when they hear the word b@by sh#@er – yes <–that was on purpose ;).)

In this day in age, having a co-ed shower is perfectly acceptable and can be just as much fun! By inviting the father-to-be and his friends (or some male friends of mom-to-be) the event can be just as successful and just as much fun as a traditional celebration. One thing to keep in mind though is this :  men are made of a different breed. If you are going to have a co-ed shower you have to change it up from the traditional “women only” ideas, and go with more of a modern theme and approach. Below are some ideas you can do to keep the shower fresh and as man friendly as possible.

(Note: Some women may not be comfortable with having men at their baby shower. Be sure if you are hosting a baby shower for someone, that having a co-ed shower is what the mother-to-be wants. And on the opposite spectrum…do not scoff if she wants a co-ed shower. Things are a changin’! It’s her day. Let her have it.)

Co-ed Baby Shower Invitation Tips

Sending out the invitations for a co-ed shower should be altered a bit. For a traditional shower, 2 weeks time is perfect, but for a mixed gender shower, you may need to give them a little more time. 3-4 weeks is a good idea. As mentioned above, most men will groan at the thought of having to attend one of these – you have to give them enough time to mentally prepare for it, and it has to be far enough in advance that they don’t have the excuse of  “I already have something planned”!

When deciding on the date of the shower, make sure you take into consideration the different sporting events that could be going on. For example, it’s probably not a good idea to have a co-ed baby shower the same day there’s a big football game. One idea is to instead schedule the shower either before or after the game, and the celebration could continue with a “beer, bbq, and football” gathering. Just make sure the shower doesn’t go too long and interrupt the game. You could have some very disgruntled men on your hands.

Keep the invitations neutral in color. If the invitation seems too “girly”, it will set the tone immediately for the invited guys that it’s a “girly” thing and they won’t want to attend.  Having a manly themed shower can really get you a long way with the guys. Think sports. Also, use wording that isn’t going to scare away the men. “A Bun in the Oven, Burgers on the Grill” or “BBQ and Beer” or “Men Vs. Women – Come Celebrate!” Anything that will take away from the “girly” idea of a baby shower.

If you’re planning on serving beer, make sure you put that on the invitation! (Serving beer at a co-ed baby shower is highly advised – it serves as another incentive to get them there!)

Co-ed Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Sticking with the manly theme, keep in mind that baby shower favors are not necessarily gender neutral. A man is not going to appreciate the fancy wrapped candies in beautiful paper. So don’t give them  that. Instead, think like a man – shot glasses, movie tickets, sport team favors, cigars – anything that will make it worth their time for attending.  You can have separate favors for men and women, or you can do couples favors – a bottle of wine perhaps?

Ideas fоr Games at a Co-ed Shower

Traditionally, games are played at baby showers. Inviting men to these events doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still have games, it just means you have to put a little more thinking into it and you shouldn’t play the traditional type of games. Men will get verrrrry bored and most likely decline any future shower invites they get if they have to sit and listen to women talk about their horror delivery stories. Instead, incorporate games like the dirty diaper game or “how fast can you put the diaper on the baby doll” (that one is actually an extremely funny game to watch. Most men are terrible at it if they don’t have children of their own.)

Another great game to play is The Price is Right. It’s not targeted at women, and most people have no idea how much anything costs these days. (You can get printable version of the Price is Right Baby Shower Game right here.) The biggest tip here is to make sure the games are not women targeted. Boys are competitive and gross by nature – incorporate game ideas to cater to that natural and normal species trait.

Including men in a baby shower can be a lot of fun, and if done right, everyone who attends will enjoy themselves. Think boy, and you’ll be okay.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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