How to Host a Baby Shower for Cheap – Part 1

How to Host a Baby Shower For CheapHosting a baby shower for someone is a big job, and it’s a lot of work (and expensive!). If you have ever thrown one for someone before, then you don’t need me to tell you that. If this is the first time you have ever had the honor of creating a celebration of the upcoming birth for someone, then I congratulate you – and I pity you!

All joking aside, hosting a baby shower for someone is actually a lot of fun. Put aside the overwhelming thoughts of how much stuff you need to do, in how little time and how much money it’s going to cost, and start thinking of how much fun you are going to have planning one of the most important days of a mothers life (not to minimize the first day of school, or graduation day, or anything else that is equally as important!)

I have written a lot of articles on this website that outline the basics of hosting a baby shower – and they are all equally informative – but I think this one may be the most important one I have written so far. This article is going to focus on how to host a baby shower on a budget. In leyman’s terms – how to throw a baby shower for cheap. Unless you are rich and famous, you probably don’t have money coming out of your ears. (On a semi related note, if you were rich and famous, you probably wouldn’t be hosting a baby shower anyway –  you’d be hiring someone else to do it for you. Just sayin’.)

How to Throw a Cheap Baby Shower – Let’s Start

We’ll start off by listing the 7 primary categories when it comes to hosting a baby shower:

  • Invitations
  • A Place to Have the Baby Shower
  • Decorations
  • Food and Drinks
  • Cake
  • Games and Prizes
  • Favors

To host a successful baby shower, you must include all of the above 7 categories. You don’t have to go all out with all of them, but as a general rule of thumb a traditional baby shower is comprised of all of them.

Save Money on Baby Shower Invitations

The invitations are obviously a very important part of the shower. Think of them as the beginning of the party. They set the stage for the entire celebration! Invitations can be relatively inexpensive if you are only inviting a small group. The cost goes up with the more invitations you need.

If you are inviting a lot of people and don’t want to spend too much on the invitations, one of the best and most cost effective things you can do is make your own. Remember this – the invitations don’t have to be too fancy! There is nothing wrong with buying some card stock from Office Depot (or Walmart) and using some cute images and font to create a cute little invitation. Think about it this way – if you buy pre-made baby shower invitations at $3-6 a pack (to go on the cheap side – some invitations can be upwards of $20 a pack if you want to get fancy), each pack contains around 8 invitations. So if you need 30-40 invitations, you are already spending $20 – $40 on invitations alone – plus you still have to pay postage.

If you buy pretty card stock, you’ll spend about $5 and you get a bunch of it (you can also cut the paper into smaller pieces if you need/want to). You could even take it a step further and send them out postcard style – so you don’t need envelopes.

$5 VS. $40…

Making Your Own Baby Shower Invitations = Saving Money on Hosting a Baby Shower.

Save Money By Hosting the Shower Somewhere Free

Yeah, I know it’s not a great tip. BUT…it kind of is. Hosting the baby shower at your home or at a recreation center that won’t charge you anything should always be considered first before shelling out the dough to pay for a room rental.

If your home is too small for the guest list, consider having it outside. If that is not an option, call around to local places and see if they offer a room for free. In most cases, they may charge a deposit that is refundable upon a clean return of the room. Think apartment complexes, housing developments…there are a lot of recreational centers that allow their residents access to the party room.

Try to have it a place that include chairs and tables already. Renting tables and chairs can also run up the bill.

Cheap Baby Shower Decorating

Yes, it can be done. Colored plastic table clothes are great and cheap, hang streamers from the ceiling, and never ever underestimate the power of balloons. Tie a bundle of balloons together and tie them to the back of a chair. Do this throughout the room. You can buy multi-colored balloon bags pretty much anywhere, for just a few dollars.

Hit up the dollar store closest to you and check out their party supply section. I guarantee you will find baby shower decorations. Decorations can really be done extremely cheap. They don’t have to be too much. Really…the people in attendance know it’s a baby shower. You don’t have to over decorate.

There’s the conclusion of How to Host a Baby Shower for Cheap part 1. You can read part 2 of How to Host a Baby Shower for Cheap right here.

Until then, happy baby showering!

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