How to Host a Baby Shower for Cheap – Part 2

Okay, part 2 of How to Host a Baby Shower for Cheap (if you missed part 1, you can catch up here.) Money doesn’t grow on trees, and hosting a cheap baby shower is an absolute must for the majority of us. Make your dollar stretch with the tips below.

Cutting the Cost on Food and Drinks

Food is probably the most expensive part about hosting a baby shower. It costs an awful lot of money to feed a group of people. Having a shower catered will run you at least $10 a head, if not more – if you get really fancy. So you decide to save money by making the food yourself. Okay, great idea…except sometimes it can be even more expensive to make your own food than it is to have it pre-made.

Vegetable and fruit trays are a prime example of this. If you decide to make your own trays you will spend about as much as you would if you were to buy them pre-made. The only difference is you can actually make more for the same priceSo depending on how you look at it, cost wise you will be spending the same amount of money, but quantity wise you are getting more bang for your buck if you make your own trays.

A great money saving food item is to buy pre-made sub sandwiches from your local grocery store. Most of them sell 6′ subs you can pre-order. All you need to provide is the condiments. This is one of the most cost effective ways to feed a lot of people for not a lot of money.

Drinks are easy to save money on. The biggest money saver is not to serve wine or alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is expensive, and it’s definitely not a necessity. You can find homemade punch recipes, or just serve iced tea and lemonade.

You can find other easy and relatively expensive ideas for food and drinks here : Simple shower food ideas and drink ideas for the baby shower.

To Cheap Baby Shower Cake or Not to Cheap Baby Shower Cake?

If you’re looking to save money and not spend a lot on hosting a baby shower, then the answer should be obvious. To cheap baby shower cake.

A cake for a baby shower doesn’t have to be overly fancy or expensive. In fact, a regular sheet cake does the job just perfectly. Your local grocery store or bakery most likely already has sheet cakes you can choose from and all you have to do is have them write something on it to customize and personalize for the shower. It will probably run you about $20 or so, depending on how many guests you have attending and how big you need the cake to be. Really, it’s just a cake. It will be cut into tiny pieces soon enough and no one will even remember what the cake looked like.
You can also save money by baking the cake yourself. Baking the cake yourself has many benefits. One of my favorite benefits is your house smells amazing while it’s baking. Just kidding. Kind of…

Host a Cheap Baby Shower

If you make the cake yourself, you can choose icing colors and make layers, or add special decorations. A lot of cool things you could do with baking your own cake. You can also choose to make cupcakes if you don’t trust your decorating skills to such extremes. Google baby shower cake images and you’ll find some great ideas.

That’s it for part 2! We’ll continue tomorrow with part 3 of how to host a baby shower for cheap. Check back, because I’ll post the link right here.

As usual, happy baby showering!

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