How to Host a Baby Shower for Cheap – Part 3

This is the third and final installment of How to Host a Baby Shower for Cheap (if you missed the first and second part, you can catch up here: Part 1 and Part 2).

We all know money doesn’t come easy, and when we have it, we want to make sure we spend it wisely and really get the most out of it, right? Part 1 covered the invitations, venue and decorations. Part 2 covered the food, drinks and cake, and this third part will cover how to incorporate cheap games, prizes and favors in the baby shower.

Ready, Set, Game!

Having baby shower games isn’t truly a necessity, but it is a tradition. While you don’t have to have a ton of games, they offer your guests a form of entertainment, and should not be skipped all together. You can very easily have a few games or activities for your guests to indulge in that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to execute.

If you have games or activities at a baby shower, you  most likely need to have prizes to hand out to the winners. Keep it simple – the prizes can be as simple as a candle from the dollar store. If you pick 4-6 games to play at the baby shower, you need 4-6 prizes to hand out.

Tip:  Make sure if you decide to only buy the same amount of prizes as you have games, you don’t have the chance of a tie. Should a tie arise, make sure you have a plan on how to handle it. I always recommend keeping a few extra prizes on hand just in case, but if money is truly an issue here, choose games that you know won’t have a tie – or – have a tie breaker plan.

Baby Shower Door Prize GamesAnother very cheap game and prize idea is the very simple “Guess the Count Game”. Fill a baby bottle with small candy pieces and have the guests guess the amount of candy. The person who is the closest wins, and the prize can be the bottle filled with candy.

(You can check out some other activities you can play that don’t require much setup or cost right here. If you like the idea of printable baby shower games, you can get 14 printable baby shower games right here for only $6.99.)

Baby Shower Favors – How to Keep the Cost Down

Cheap Baby Shower IdeasOne of the easiest and best ways to keep the costs down on baby shower favors is to make your own. By far, one of the most popular baby shower favors is tiny candies wrapped in tulle (the fancy fabric that resembles lace, but not so much) and tying them all pretty with some ribbon. Kind of like the picture on the left. Only not for a wedding. FYI…photo credit here is from

Done deal – you bought the package of candies for a few dollars, bought some tulling for a few dollars, and bought some ribbon for a few dollars. Homemade baby shower favors that look nice on a table.

Leave the favors on the tables of the baby shower for the guests to take and enjoy at their leisure. You can also type up a phrase or saying with nice font to make it more personalized, and hole punch the paper and ribbon tie it to the candy. Very nice, and very low cost.

Hosting a baby shower doesn’t have to drain your bank account. You can throw a very nice baby shower for very little money, if you use your creativity and spend a little time planning. USE YOUR RESOURCES. You’ll be surprised at what you can cut corners at and no one would even know!

Remember, a baby shower is for the mother. It’s not about the decorations, or how much money you spent on it, or how fancy the venue is. If she has a good time and ends up taking a lot of loot of home, then it was a success!

Happy baby showering!

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