How to Keep a Surprise Baby Shower a Secret From the Mom-to-Be

Throwing a surprise baby shower can be a great way to celebrate the upcoming birth of a new arrival. Just make sure you know your audience – you don’t want to throw a surprise baby shower for a mother who doesn’t want a baby shower, or worse…a mother who doesn’t like surprises!¬†Now that I have that little disclaimer out of the way, let’s get on with the nitty gritty of throwing a secret baby shower for the mom-to-be.

Step 1 – Make the Guest List

Just like if you were hosting a normal baby shower, you need to make a guest list. When making the guest list, don’t forget these important tips:

  • Think about who the mother would want to be there. Don’t make decisions based on yourself. You are merely the hostess, not the guest of honor.
  • When making the guest list, don’t forget to think about : people she may work with, the fathers side of the family, her family, her friends…the list can be quite exhaustive if you really get into it.
  • There is no problem with hosting a smaller shower and only inviting people from a certain group. For example, if you are hosting a surprise work baby shower, then only invite the people from work.

Step 2 – Tell the Guests About the Surprise!

surprise baby shower

In other words, tell the guests it IS a surprise. There is nothing worse than doing everything right when trying to keep a surprise from someone, only to have it blabbed from someone else. Make sure you tell the people who know about the baby shower that the mother-to-be doesn’t know about it, and you would like to keep it a secret. Of course, taking this step won’t eliminate the chance entirely of someone spilling the beans, but it will greatly reduce the chances of it. I like my odds much better knowing I’ve done my part in making sure the secret stays safe.

To help make sure the secret doesn’t get revealed, follow these simple tips:

  • Have the guests R.S.V.P to you.
  • On the invitation, state very clearly that it is a surprise baby shower.

Step 3 – Make Sure the Mom to Be is Available For When The Shower is Actually Planned

I know this sounds like an obvious thing to do, but really it can get overlooked, and often does when surprise parties are planned. Not only do you have to make sure she is available for the date and time you have chosen to host the shower, but you also have to plan on figuring out how to get her to the shower without spoiling the surprise before hand.

Tips on How to Plan For Her Availability

  • Talk to her spouse (or roommate, or anyone she lives with or is close to). Ask them to help you on ideas for getting her out of the house. Also, spouses generally tend to have a good handle on each others schedule. They can help with that process too. Use your resources.
  • Make plans with her on that day. That way you can ensure she won’t have anything else going on. If the shower is going to be held at your house, this is also a great way to get her to the shower.

Of course, you could decide to tell her about the baby shower on the day of the shower if you want. That doesn’t ruin any of the element of surprise, and she may actually like that better than not knowing where she was going. It will give her time to shower and get ready for it, and she can wear what she feels fit for a shower. As mentioned above…know your audience. If you think she would prefer to know a few hours in advance so she can prep for it, tell her. If you don’t think she will mind not being able to prepare, then go with not telling her until she arrives.

Keeping a baby shower a secret from the guest of honor can certainly be done. It may take a little more time and planning on your part, but if you make sure to cross your t’s and dot your i’s, you’ll be able to throw a perfect surprise baby shower!

Happy Baby Showering!

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