How to Throw a Baby Shower Without a Lot of Money

how to throw a baby shower without a lot of money

So you’re planning a baby shower for your best friend but don’t have the finances to back up all your ideas. First of all, get rid of the worry lines on your head and have a calming cup of tea. Things aren’t as bleak as they seem right now. It may seem that your financial limitations will let your friend down but that is in fact not true. All you need is a dash of creativity and lots of glue.

How to Throw a Baby Shower Without a Lot of Money

Head to Pinterest

Pinterest has become quite the stereotype recently but there is a reason that it is so popular. You will be amazed at the ideas women around the world have come up with. You will find so many great ideas, that you might even be able to DIY your way through the whole thing. Pinterest is a great resource for free printables, DIYs for cheap but great looking décor, and even menu ideas.

Have a Plan

Planning is the best way to save money. If you don’t have an idea on paper, a lack of planning may lead you to purchase things that may be redundant at the shower. A color scheme is the best way to tie things together and will also give you a sense of direction when creating décor for the event.

Food & Venue

If you have enough space to hold a shower at your home, then you have already won half the battle. Restaurant or a hall rental can cost hundreds of dollars which you cannot afford to spend. You can also ask your friends who have the space if they would be willing to provide space for the event. A pavilion at the park is a great idea and also gives guest’s children lots to do.

When it comes to food, you can reach out to other friends and family members to help out and contribute to the event. This is especially perfect if you aren’t the best cook in the world.


We are in the digital age and there is no better time to make the most of it than sending out baby shower invites. There are some great free photo editing software such as Gimp and Pixlr. If you are good at design, go ahead and start creating. If not, then Pinterest will be your savior again with a plethora of templates to sift from.

The Dual Purpose Dessert

You don’t have to shell out twice for centerpieces and dessert. Get a great looking cake or a cupcake tower to be the main attraction and it will serve both purposes in one fell swoop. The centerpiece is something that sticks out in people’s memories and an edible centerpiece always takes the cake (pun intended and we’re not sorry).
Planning a baby shower shouldn’t mean letting go of all your savings. Just relax and find easy, affordable alternatives to your ideas. The internet is a gold mine of information and can help you along the way.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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