Jungle Theme Baby Shower Invitations – For Girls and Boys

One of the most important parts about a baby shower is the invitations. The invitations are really the meat and potatoes of the baby shower – before a baby shower can take place people have to be invited, it’s the first impression of a baby shower when the guests receive the invite, and it will most likely be the memory that your mommy-to-be will always have of her special day (it’s a great keepsake for the baby book). So you want to make sure you don’t skimp on this part of the shower. Send out invitations that represent the impression that you want the shower to leave. Below we have 2 cute jungle themed baby shower invitations for girls and boys that you can either buy, or just get ideas from.

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Invitations for Boys

King of the Jungle Baby Shower Invitations


This cute King of the Jungle invitation package comes with 8 invitations and envelopes. It has a modern design with stripes, and the brown and green color palette goes beyond the traditional baby shower boy colors. If you’re looking for low cost invitations, these will definitely keep your wallet safe.

        $2.91 for 8

Jungle Themed Baby Shower Invitations




Jungle Theme Baby Shower Invitations for Girls

Queen of the Jungle Baby Shower Invitations


Of course we wouldn’t forget about the girls! Just like the boys, this design sticks with more of a modern day shower deco, using the stripe pattern, and the green and brown colors. It’s nice to have an option other than the traditional pink and purples. They’re low cost, and a very cute and unique jungle theme.

$2.69 for 8

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Invitations


Tips for Sending Out Invitations


  • Send them out at least 2 weeks in advance
  • Keep a record of R.S.V.P’s
  • Make them legible – neat handwriting only
  • Save one for the baby book
  • Include all important information on the invite – obviously the who, what, when, and where – but also where the mother is registered, if you expect guests to bring anything, whether a meal or light food will be served…you get the point. Anything that they guests should know, include it.


If you are going with the jungle themed invitations, you can find a lot of jungle themed decorations as well. Remember, keep it simple, keep it moving, and give the mommy to be an amazing day that she deserves! It will all be over soon, and then you can relax. :)

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Happy Baby Showering!

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