My Water Broke Game

My Water Broke Baby Shower Game

You can buy the game at any party supply store, or online. Or…you can make your own. All you need is ice cube trays and plastic babies.

Get Free Baby Shower Games is throwing yet another great (and free!) baby shower game to mix! My water broke is a fun and fitting game to play at baby showers. It’s pretty funny to watch adult women (or men) trying as hard as they can to get the water to “break”. It’s a very easy game to play, and prep time is even easier. You can find the instructions on how to play My Water Broke below. Word of caution though – melting ice means water – so make sure you have plenty of napkins for clean up!

Supplies : 

  • Ice cube trays
  • Plastic baby figurines (you can find these at most party stores, or even a dollar store)

1.) Prepare for the game the night before the shower. Put one plastic baby figurine in each ice cube partition. Fill the ice cube trays with water and freeze over night.

2.) Before beginning the game, explain the rules to guests. Each guest will receive one frozen baby. The point of the game is to see who can get the water to melt first and free their baby from the ice – hence the term “My Water Broke”.

3.) Guests can do anything they want with one exception –  NO BITING.  They can blow on their ice, they can rub it between their hands, anything they can think of – but no biting the ice to get the baby out. That will make for a very short and boring game.

4.) The person who gets the baby out of the ice cube first is the winner and gets a prize!

This game can be played throughout the baby shower, or you can choose to have a specified time frame for it. Either way you choose is fine. You can vary it and tailor it to your taste.

One way you could vary the game is instead of giving each guest their own ice cube, you could leave the cubes in the tray and label the cubes with the guests names. The winner would then be the one who’s ice cube has melted enough for the baby to break free and float in the tray. One thing to keep in mind if you decide to play it that way is the guests really don’t have anything to do with breaking the water then. It’s more of a game left up to chance.

Prizes can and should be anything you want. A great prize for this game is a fancy pack of ice cube trays! You know the kind – the ice cubes are some sort of fun or cute shape. Candles are also a great baby shower game prize. Check out the dollar store for other ideas you could use.

My Water Broke is a perfect game to play at baby showers, because everyone will want their water to break first. You’ll see some creative ideas from the baby shower guests, and that in itself will make it worth it!

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Happy Baby Showering!

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