No Gender Discrimination Here! Tips For Hosting the Perfect Co-ed Baby Shower

A baby shower does not have to be gender specific. Men, along with women, are equally entitled to being invited to a baby shower. After all, the dad-to-be deserves some attention as well right? A couple baby shower is a great way for all of the friends to be involved, participate and have fun in this truly blessed occasion. The shower might be one of the last block of free time the couple has to enjoy time with their close friends and family. After this, they will inevitably be busy with baby duty.

Tips To Hosting A Perfect Co-Ed Baby Shower

  • Keep Mom And Dad In The Loop

The baby shower that you are about to throw is basically for the parents-to-be and their new child. It is a must for you to keep these new parents in the loop and make sure they want a baby shower thrown for them. You should also ask if they are okay with a co-ed baby shower. If the guests of honor fail to make it, then there is no point to a baby shower. After you have made sure about the basics, you can get their input with regards to the event planning.

  • Male Co-Host

Getting a male co-host for a co-ed party is a great idea, as this will give to more input and more success during the planning stage. Your counterpart can help with the guest of honor’s male friends and help with the gifts, decorations, and games.

  • Theme

The party theme should be carefully planned keeping in mind your male guests, and most importantly, the dad-to-be. It should be as gender neutral as possible, making sure to incorporate something both the genders will find appealing.


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  • Take Care Of Awkward Conversations

Awkward conversations such as diaper changing horrors, or talks of labor and intimacies of pregnancy might come up, which might make the guys run away. It is best to keep certain topic changers ready so that these awkward situations can be tackled easily.

  • Games

Games, again, should be gender neutral and should not involve anything that will leave one of the genders feeling left out. You can decide on the games with your male co-host and some of the other friends around you. But do not involve too many people since the games need to have a surprise element to them. Having prizes can cause great motivation among men and women alike.

coed baby shower

  • Gifts

You should encourage your guests to bring gifts that will suit both the mom and dad-to-be. Maybe they could focus on bringing some child friendly sporting equipment or camping materials. Food delivery gift certificates are also appealing, especially since both the parents will be so busy after their baby is born.

  • Favors For Everyone

Favors, again, should be gender neutral. You can thank your guests for coming and include something edible or a mix CD. Movie tickets or gift cards are always loved by everyone.

Co-ed baby showers are now becoming popular, and they should not be dismissed when hosting and planning a baby shower. Don’t forget – the dads-to-be deserve some attention too! If you follow these tips, you’ll be hosting the perfect co-ed baby shower for that special mom and dad-to-be.

As always…Happy Baby Showering!

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