Plan the Perfect Twins ‘Double Trouble’ Baby Shower!

Twin Baby showerBaby showers are no longer the awkward affairs only about playing games and making small talk with strangers while munching on tiny sandwiches! The modern baby shower is a classy affair that is planned meticulously.

When it comes to planning a twin baby shower, the details have to be even more meticulous. Here are some of our suggestions:

Make Sure You Time It Right!

Mommies-to-be, especially the ones carrying twins, will appreciate if their baby showers are done and over with by their 30th week at most. Another couple of weeks and chances are that they are sofa-bound and very uncomfortable for the rest of the pregnancy.
This will also give them enough time to sort out the gifts and prepare for the babies’ arrival.

Plan for Gifts That Mom & Dad Will Love

Twins mean double the love but also double the expenses and stress of a traditional pregnancy! Here are some gift ideas apart from the traditional to ensure that the parents-to-be will really be thankful for the gifts:

  • They will appreciate a food drive shower. Just ask all the guests to bring a precooked and packaged meal that can be frozen easily. All this food will come in handy when the parents will be tired from taking care of the babies!
  • Parents know that there can never ever be too many diapers…ever! If you believe that the parents-to-be have already gathered all the baby essentials. Than a diaper drive will have all the guests give the gift of diapers.
  • Another good idea is for guests to divide responsibilities among themselves and contribute towards gifts that will be valued. For example, a few of them could group together for a bedtime basket for the twins; it will include pajamas, crib items, a nursery monitor etc. While others can do similar bath baskets or feeding baskets. OR you could all chip in for one big-ticket item like a double stroller etc.

Decorations and Themes

Gone are the days when teddy bears and colorful building blocks were the only décor available for baby showers. The modern baby shower for twins doesn’t have to be decorated with a pre-packaged theme. Use Etsy to find decorations, invitations and even cupcake toppers in your favorite colors and themes, all at affordable prices. Since we are talking particularly about twin baby showers, a good idea would be to include two different colors with a chevron print or check print. These designs make for sophisticated yet fun party themes!

Have two color themes that go nicely with each other. For example, if the babies are a girl and a boy, use blue and white for the first theme, and pink and white for the second theme. Or pink and purple and white for two girls, or blue and green and white for two boys.  You get the gist.

Cute Twin Theme Ideas

  • Two Peas in a Pod. You can make bath bombs for baby shower favors and wrap them in a cute “pod”.
  • Dr. Suess’s Thing 1 and Thing 2 – need I say more?


Games to Play at a Twin Baby Shower

  • A diaper or onesie raffle. Anyone who brings these items as a gift is automatically entered into a raffle for a prize.
  • Another good idea is to give guests the chance to decorate onesies for the twins. Get plain white onesies and plenty of markers in many colors and you have a memorable game. Let parents-to-be judge the best one and give the winners a small keepsake gift.
  • You can also encourage the guests to try a game of Twin Treasure Hunt. Get plenty of objects that come in pairs i.e. socks, gloves, shoes or a number of similar baby items. Hide these items all over the house and let the guests search for them. The person who has recovered the most pairs wins!
  • We have a great twin game Pin the Pacifier in the Baby’s Mouth available here.

Baby showers are a time of celebration, and are a part of a great tradition. Have fun with it, and make the shower filled with memories for the expecting parents. If you keep them in mind, then you’ll no doubt have succeeded in making it special for her/them.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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