Simple and Stress-free Game Ideas for Baby Showers

Baby showers are celebrations of new life, even before the expecting mother gives birth. These parties are usually attended by her female relatives and friends, although men are also welcome to join in the festivities.

One of the most common activities during baby showers is the baby shower games! Because pregnant women are advised to take it easy, especially during their last term of pregnancy, baby shower games should be fun but not stressful, especially not for the expecting mother.

One of the best baby shower games that is enjoyable and stress-free is the special edition of charades. Like its regular version, the players are split into two groups. Each team takes turns assigning a representative who will act out a word or phrase. These keywords and phrases are written on slips of paper and placed in a small bowl or basket prepared by the game master. During her turn, the representative needs to act out the word/s on her paper so that her teammates can guess them. She is given a limited time to do this, usually around thirty seconds to one minute.

Because the purpose of the party is to celebrate the expected arrival of a baby, the game master should prepare keywords or phrases that are related to babies and motherhood. For example, she can write the words “baby bottles” or “bib” on the paper, to represent items that the expecting mother needs when feeding her baby. She can also include the phrases “baby’s first words” and “cloth diapers” in the list.

Another activity that can be added to fun-and-easy baby shower games is the Mother-and-Baby Bingo. In this special edition, the Bingo cards have keywords and phrases instead of letters and numbers. In the simpler version, keywords can be items that mothers need, like “pacifier,” “stuffed toy,” or “crib.” The game master will draw a random slip of paper that contains a keyword from a box or basket. The first player that completes a row, column, or diagonal line in her card wins. (You can download our free version of baby shower bingo right here.)

If the game master wants a more challenging round, she can write down activities in the boxes, instead of words. The players then need to go around the room and ask other players to sign a particular box if they can do the activity written on it. Examples of phrases with mother-specific activities include “whistle a nursery rhyme,” “sing ‘Rock a bye baby,’” and “fold a diaper properly.” The first person who can complete a row, column, or diagonal line wins, but only if the people who signed her card can prove that they can really do what is written in them.

There are a lot of other baby shower games that a game master can use to make the party fun, but not stressful. The important thing is that all the guests will enjoy the activities, and that the expecting mother will be entertained as well.

Happy Baby Showering!

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