Strategies For Having The Best Baby Shower On A Limited Budget

Throwing a baby shower is always fun, provided you know what you are doing. Whether it is for your best friend, a family member, or even an acquaintance, you have the ability to throw the best baby shower, even with a limited budget.

baby shower umbrellaBaby Shower Limited Budget To-Dos

The Invitations

Invitations will be the cheapest when they are homemade. You can buy materials and stock for making the baby shower invitations, and be as creative as you want. You can even print invitations out and paste them on pieces of colorful chart paper. You can decorate these later on with ribbons, glitter, and small baby accessories.

If you want to send out even cheaper invites with minimal hassle, you can use email. There are various websites with free and paid ready made invites available for you.

The Venue

Baby showers are usually hosted by the person in charge of organizing the baby shower. If that person is you, then you can have it at your place. If that is not possible, then you can ask a friend to lend their space out to you. Hosting the baby shower in an outdoor location like a park is also another great idea. You can utilize this outdoor space effectively, and set it up nicely for an open and colorful celebration.

The Food

The food can be as simple, yet as delicious and elaborately decorated as possible. Do not overdo with the food if budget is a limitation. You can ask some of your close friends to help out with the food, and they can each bring one unique dish of their own. Be sure to incorporate cute cupcakes or a nicely made cake with frosting and baby labels on it.

The Gifts

The baby shower gifts can be as creative as you and your guests want them to be. You can even present hand-crafted gifts or beautiful paintings to the mom-to-be and she will love them despite them not being too expensive. Try to be as unique and different as you can possibly be with the gifts.

The Entertainment

There are so many baby shower games that you can have or come up with for the event. All that is required is that the games be baby themed and fun for your guests. You can even find game ideas on the internet such as (see what I did there? In case you didn’t realize, you are currently browsing – we have a ton of free baby shower games, and we have some great printable ones too!), or you can ask your friends and family for creative suggestions. On spot game ideas during the event can also work.

The Goodie Bags And Thank You’s

Each guest should get a goodie bag (better known as baby shower favors) at the end of the event as a thank you note for them making time and coming to the event. Thai adds value to the whole event, and the guests feel that their presence was important and worthwhile.

Everything can be done on a budget if you set your mind to it. In this case, if you follow these guidelines, you are bound to have a wonderful event and time within the budget that you desire. If you need some more guidelines, check out our baby shower checklist.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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