The 3 Different Types of Baby Shower Games (Yes, There Are 3!) – Which One is Right For Your Shower?

Deciding between what types of baby shower games to have at the shower can definitely be quite the headache. Should you have long games, that require full participation from all of the guests, or just quick “activities” that the guests can choose whether or not to engage in?While it may seem overwhelming at first, your choices are pretty straight forward. Let’s take a look at the different options you have, and the benefits (and not so much of benefits) each category pertains. I have grouped the different types of baby shower games into 3 categories, but obviously this list is not inclusive.

Printable Baby Shower Games

The first option we have is the printable baby shower game choice. Printable games are just as they sound – they are games that are printed out so that the guests can each have their own sheet of paper and write their own individual answers down. Examples of printable baby shower games are Baby Shower Scramble and The Price is Right Baby Shower.

Benefits of Playing Printable Games

  • It will definitely seem more organized and less chaotic.
  • Most printable games don’t require much explanation. They are simple and fun.
  • They are great for kids to participate.

Reasons You Wouldn’t Want to Have Printable Games

  • If the games you want to play aren’t appropriate for the guest list. Referring to the fact that if the majority of the guest list are older, they probably won’t know the answer to the trivia game “Pop stars and their offspring name”.
  • If you don’t have ink in your printer to print the Baby Shower Games in a Box.

Involvement Baby Shower Games

The second option for types of games at a baby shower are the involvement games. These are games like The String Game, and the Rice Game. They require the involvement of the guests, and they require more of an effort in planning for and executing (playing).

Benefits of Playing Involvement Games

  • It really gets the guest list excited and involved with each other.
  • If there are a lot of strangers among the guests, these types of games offer an outlet for socializing.

Reasons You Wouldn’t Want to Have Involvement Games

  • If the mom-to-be says no games.
  • If the time you have for the shower is minimal. You may want to stick to the quick door prize games and a couple printable games.

Door Prize Games or Activities

baby shower game tableThese include raffle drawings, or stations set up around the room that the guests can visit at their leisure. As mentioned, raffle tickets are included in this category, as well as a Guess the Candy in the Bottle game.

Benefits of Having door prize games or activities

  • These are the quickest and most effective ways to add a little spice to the shower. They give the guests a little something to do while socializing, but they don’t overtake the whole shower.
  • The guests can participate at their leisure, and they are not forced or required to participate.

Reasons You Wouldn’t Want to Have Door Prizes or ACTIVITIES

  • There really are no reasons you wouldn’t want to have door prizes or quick activities. Even having a table for the guests to write a quick note on a postcard (or in a baby book!) to the expecting mother is a great activity.

Do You Have to Stick to One Category?

Absolutely not! The beauty of planning a baby shower is no single baby shower is the same. That means you can tailor it specifically to your guests list, and your mother-to-be’s guest list. You can have a compilation of games from each category. I recommend doing it that way, because it provides something for everybody. For the people who don’t like too much interaction or movement, they may appreciate the printable baby shower games. For those that don’t like things to drag on too much, they may appreciate the quick activities. For those who love being social, the involvement games will be perfect for them

Choosing what type of baby shower game to have at a baby shower shouldn’t be the hard part about planning the shower. Just choose between 6-8 different things for your guests, and everyone is sure to enjoy themselves (at the very least, they’ll thank you for keeping it entertaining!)

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Happy Baby Showering!

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