The Best Baby Shower Games 2013

Your friend or family member is having a baby.  Yayy!

And…you’ve been nominated to host the baby shower…

For some people, this may not be so yay.

Relax, we’ve got you covered. Listed below are the best baby shower games in 2013.

The Best Baby Shower Games in 2013:

  • Baby Shower Ice Breakers

Let’s face it. Woman go to showers because that’s what we DO. It’s not because we LIKE going to them. It’s part of our “have to” in life. Nobody likes a boring shower, but even worse than that, if your guests don’t know each other, it can tend to add that much more pressure on the hostess (and the guests will quickly find excuses to leave). Ice Breaker games help the guests to open up and start having fun immediately, even if they don’t know everyone there. These are great games to play at any baby shower, because they (you guessed it!) break the ice with the guests.

  • The Dirty Diaper Game

Of course the Dirty Diaper Game is going to make the list for the best baby shower games in 2013! This is a classic, and will ALWAYS be a part of the baby shower fun. Some things ya just can’t fight. :)  (You can find the directions on how to play the dirty diaper game for free right here:

  • What’s in Your Purse?

This game is so much fun to play, because let’s face it…we woman tend to carry the world in our purses. A baby shower in 2013 without this game just wouldn’t seem right! You can find the directions on how to play this game right here (I’ll warn you though – it’s not free. But you do get 8 printable games, both boy and girl versions. And it’s cheap. It’s only $6 😉 )

  • Baby Shower Bingo

Yep. Baby Shower Bingo makes the list of the most popular and best baby shower games of 2013. But of course it did…did you really think Bingo would ever go out of style? You can print out the “cards” and have every thing ready for when your guests arrive. You know we got you covered with this one! Directions and printable bingo cards :

  • The Rice Game

The Rice Game is a lot of fun to play at baby showers, because all of your guests will think they have it in the bag. It really seems like such an easy concept – you feel around in a bowl of rice and you find the safety pins – how hard can it REALLY be, right? Uh…yeah, right. (You can find the directions for the rice game right here:

The best baby shower games are the ones that keep your guests laughing and having fun. If you do that, you can be sure you’ll be a successful host, and your guests will be happy they came (and your mom-to-be will be happy, which is the whole point of a baby shower!)

If you’re looking for some seriously fun and unique (and/or traditional) baby shower games, you may want to check this out:

14 Printable and Downloadable Baby Shower Games

Best Baby Shower Games

The games included with the package are as follows:

  • Baby Bingo – (Boy and Girl versions)
  • Baby Race Game – Baby Names A-Z (Boy and Girl versions)
  • Baby Shower Sudoku – (Boy and Girl versions)
  • Baby Shower Word Scramble – (Boy and Girl versions)
  • Baby Word Find – (Boy and Girl versions)
  • The Price is Right Baby Shower – (Boy and Girl versions)
  • Draw the Mommy
  • What’s In Mommy’s Purse?

(The package is only $6.99 – you can see screen shots of all the games and/or purchase the package here.)

This package is great because once you purchase it, it’s yours forever. You will have all 14 games at your disposal. No matter how many baby showers you end up throwing, you’ll always have the games ready.

*To get free baby shower games, visit our home page.

Happy Baby Showering!

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