The Price is Right – Girl and Boy Versions

The Price is Right baby shower game adds quite a bit of laughter (and disbelief when people see how much things really cost!) By adding this game into the arsenal of baby shower games, you’ll be on your way to hosting a super fun baby shower!

Below are the screenshots of both girl and boy versions. If you came from the Baby Shower Games in a Box page and you wish to purchase this game separately, you can do so here. (You get both the girl and boy versions.)

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The Price is Right Baby Shower Game for Boys and The Price is Right Baby Shower Game for Girls

The Price is Right Baby Shower Game Girl Price is Right Boy

You get both versions – Baby Shower Boy The Price is Right and Baby Shower Girl The Price is Right – for only $1.50.  The watermark will not be on the games after purchase.




  • Enough copies of The Price is Right for each guest to have their own game sheet
  • Pens/Pencils for each guest
  • All items on The Price is Right List (they can be given to the mother-to-be after the game)
  • Prize for the winner

The instructions are below:

1.) Print out enough copies of the game for each guest to have their own. Either hand them out as guests arrive, have them on a table for the guests to grab one, or hand them out when you’re ready for the game to start.

2.) Time the game. Usually 2 minutes is a sufficient amount of time. (You don’t want the game to drag on, so setting a limit will help the shower to continue to move on without having a lull, and boring the guests.)

3.) Have the guests take a guess at the cost of each item, and write it down on the corresponding line. The person with the most closely correct answers win! Total the cost of all items. This can be used as a tie breaker if needed. You can vary this a bit. The person with the closest total may be the winner…it’s completely up to you. Just make sure you decide how the winner will be selected before you start the game!

Remember to get prizes for the winner. It’s a good idea also to get a first prize and second prize, or you could use the second prize if there is a tie.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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