The Rice Game

rice game

The safety pins shouldn’t be fancy. In fact, the plain gold or silver ones work best. Make sure you don’t buy plastic coated safety pins – they won’t work as well!

Another edition of free baby shower games! The Rice Game is a very simple game to implement. Your guests will think they have it in the bag, but in reality, this game is not as easy as it looks!


  • One Large Mixing Bowl (or you can use a small bowl if you like)
  • One Bag of Uncooked Rice
  • One Blind Fold
  • Package of Small Safety Pins

1.) Prepare for the game before your guests arrive by pouring the bag of rice into a bowl. Put the safety pins in with the uncooked rice and be sure to stir them around.

2.) When you are ready to play the game, each guest takes a turn. Place a blind fold on the person who’s turn it is.

3.) Each person must take turns picking through the rice blindfolded trying to find as many safety pins as they can. (It’s a good idea to time this. You don’t want the game to go on forever!)

4.) The person who found the most safety pins is the winner and gets a prize!

This game sounds easy, but your baby shower guests will be surprised how much they can’t tell the difference between safety pins and rice!

Prizes can and should be anything you want. Candles are a common baby shower game prize, but it can be anything you want. A great place shop for baby shower prizes is a dollar store, because you can get a lot of prizes for very cheap.

The Rice Game is an excellent game to play at baby showers, because everyone will be surprised at how difficult is actually is . The laughter you’ll surely get from your baby shower guests will make the mother-to-be remember her baby shower, and your hostessing abilities will certainly be envied.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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