The String Game

how to play the string game for baby showers

Roll of string – check!
Pair of scissors – check!

The String Game is an extremely popular game to play at baby showers. This game is very simple to play, and can be played throughout the baby shower, or all at once. Do keep in mind, depending on your mother-to-be’s preferences, make sure she is comfortable with this game before you spring it on her at the baby shower. Some woman are not okay with having their pregnant belly touched or eyeballed.


  • One Pregnant Woman
  • One Ball of String
  • Pair of Scissors

1.) Have each guest survey your expecting mother’s belly. You can do this all at once, or throughout the baby shower if you want.

2.) Each guest then takes turn in guessing the size of the mother’s belly using the string provided. Once the guest feels the size is right, cut off the piece of string and give it to the guest to hold. There is no cheating! The guest may not pull the string around mommy’s tummy while guessing.

3.) Once each guest has made their “measurements”, the winner is then decided by measuring each piece of string against the mother-to-be’s tummy. The person with the string closest to the actual size is the winner and gets a prize!

Prizes can and should be anything you want. Candles are a common baby shower game prize, but it can most definitely be anything you want. An excellent place to shop for baby shower prizes is a dollar store, or discount store, because you can get a variety of prizes for extremely cheap.

The String Game is an excellent game to play at baby showers, because everyone’s string will be different . The laughter you’ll surely get from your baby shower guests will make the mother-to-be remember her baby shower, and your hostessing abilities will certainly be envied.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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