These Cute Baby Shower Ideas Will Rock the Baby Shower!

Baby showers are the cutest occasions in the history of occasions, and for the cutest reason as well! If your best friend or a family member is pregnant and about to give (or has given) birth, then you would want to surprise them with the nicest and most creative baby shower right? Well, they deserve it just as much.

Baby showers include the basics – such as decorations, cupcakes/cookies, games, and a whole lot of guests roaming around the venue wishing the new mom or mother-to-be good luck. Your aim should be to throw a baby shower that will make everyone go “aww!” Make it as memorable for your guests as possible.

Below are some cute ideas on how you can make it as memorable as possible.

Rubber Duckies

What can be more adorable than placing rubber duckies in a bowl full of punch? Make sure that you only buy ducks that float so that they remain on top of the punch for good visuals. You can even fill around 10 to 15 glass bowls with shiny marbles of water, and place one rubber duckie on each. These bowls can then be put on each table for guests.

Watermelon Baby Basket

If you are looking to display something beautiful and adorable, yet edible at the same time, you can go with a watermelon baby basket with a fruit baby inside. The watermelon on the outside will be perfectly shaped into a basket with the insides of the watermelon completely empty. The empty inside space can then be filled with various fruits. After you are done with the insides, you can decorate the outside of the watermelon by putting on orange (fruit) wheels, and make a portion of the watermelon as the carriage handle. People are simply going to fall in love with this creativity.

Preggatinis and Mamaritas

Preggatinis and mamaritas are slowly becoming famous non-alcoholic beverages for baby shower themed parties. You can get a variety of recipes online and they are extremely easy to make, not to mention, DELICIOUS! With these drinks by your side, you will not even miss alcohol.

Bottle Beverages

At a baby shower, there should be no place for boring cups in which to serve drinks. Instead, to make your baby shower more baby oriented and different, you can serve guests their drinks in baby bottles and put in cute striped straws.

Cutie Cookies

At your baby shower, say no to simple and round traditional cookies. Your cookies can be shaped into fun ideas. One delicious and cute example is shaping two cookies into tiny baby feet and then decorating the feet with icing. You can even have more than one design such as duckies, onesies, or baby bottles.

Baby-Face Cupcakes

Cupcakes are an essential item at any baby shower. But what is even more cute is having cupcakes with baby faced icing on them. If you are aware of the baby’s gender, even better! You can also mix and match cupcake colors with respect to the theme of the party.

Remember, at baby showers there is no such thing as too much creativity!

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Happy Baby Showering!

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