Throwing Your Own Baby Shower – Tips On How NOT to Overwhelm Yourself

If you are pregnant and expecting your first child, traditionally (and in most cases), either a friend or a family member will throw you a baby shower. More often than not someone will volunteer to have one for you, so you won’t have to ask for it. While this is generally how it goes, there are exceptions to every rule, and this is no exception. If no one offers to host a baby shower for you, then you have two options :

  • Ask someone to throw a baby shower for you
  • Throw your own baby shower

Tips for Hosting Your Own Baby Shower

If you decide to go the route of throwing your own baby shower, don’t worry. It’s not as hard as it may sound. Of course when you’re pregnant, everything seems ten thousand times harder. Keep it simple, don’t overwhelm yourself, and just take it a step at a time. Below are some tips on hosting your own baby shower that will help you in doing just that.

Tips for Throwing Your Own Baby Shower

First things first…Guest List andĀ Invitations

When hosting a baby shower, generally the hostess will get a list of invites from the mom-to-be. You can obviously skip this portion and go directly to the list. Of course you’ll need to make it first. šŸ˜‰

Things to keep in mind when making a guest list for throwing your own baby shower:

  • Be sure to include both sides of the baby’s family – meaning don’t forget to include the dad-to-be’s friends and family
  • Think about how many guests you would like to attend. This comes into play when deciding on the venue for the baby shower, as well as preparing for food and games
  • Don’t let the fact that people may not know each other or some people don’t like each other hinder your list – we’re all adults here, and the shower is for you and the baby. Let the guests be adults and put aside any differences they may have.
  • Make sure you have addresses for all the guests you want to invite.

Once you have the guest list ready, the next step is work on the invitations. Invitations are a key part of hosting a successful shower and aid in ensuring the most people attend. You don’t want to mess up this part.

Things to keep in mind before sending out the invitations for your hosting your own baby shower:

  • Pick a venue that will hold all of the guests comfortably. This can be your house, or you can rent out a party room – it doesn’t really matter where you choose to have it. The most important thing is that you have room for everyone to sit.
  • When choosing the date of the shower, make sure to keep in mind important dates that may hinder some people from attending. Examples of this are big sporting events, or other events that may cause a conflict of attendance.
  • When picking the time of the baby shower, make sure there won’t be many conflicts there either, and unless you plan on serving a full meal, make sure you don’t schedule it during a meal time. Saturday or Sunday afternoons work best.
  • When choosing baby shower invitations, there is no right or wrong way to go about it. You can make homemade invitations, or you can buy prepackaged invitations from many party stores. You want to keep the invitations conducive with a baby shower, and if you have a specific theme you’d like the baby shower to be, then having the invitations match that theme is advisable. Other than that, the sky is the limit with the invitations.
  • Make sure you keep one invitation for yourself – it’s a nice thing to put in the baby book.
  • Put and R.S.V.P on the invitation. It will help you in planning for food and drinks, and other things. Keep a list of people who have R.S.V.P’ed, either by your phone, or someone that you can easily access it.

Second things second…Activities, Games, Prizes and Favors

I know it seems like a long list of things to do. It’s really not though. Let’s break it down just a little more. We’ll lump activities and games together, because essentially they are in the same category.

Having games or activities to do at a baby shower are extremely important because they give the guests something to occupy the time while they are there. To you, the shower may be entertaining enough, but for people who give up their Saturday or Sunday afternoon, it’s just not. Having activities at a baby shower is part of the tradition, but it also gives an easy entryway for the guests who don’t know each other a chance to mingle and socialize with complete strangers.

Things to keep in mind while planning for Activities and Games while planning your own baby shower:

  • Between 6-8 different activities or games will suffice. You don’t want too many that the guests become bored with them, but you don’t want to little that they forgot they even happened.
  • A good mixture between printable games and non-printable games are always nice.
  • Make sure you have a plan and have an organized method of playing the games – it really helps the flow of the shower. Meaning, if you are planning on having 7 different activities at the shower, make sure you know which ones you’ll be doing first, and how you plan on transitioning to the next one.
  • Game stations can really prove useful as well…The String game and the Rice Game are great station games.

Things to keep in mind while planning for prizes while planning your own baby shower:

  • For each game or activity you play, you should have a prize ready for the winner.
  • Make sure to account for ties or tie breakers. it is completely acceptable to have two winners if you choose it that way, but make sure you have two prizes ready. Or, you could have a tie breaker to determine the winner.
  • It’s always nice to associate the prize with the game. For example, if you play the Dirty Diaper game with candy bars, a great prize is an actual candy bar.
  • Prizes don’t have to be expensive. You can find some great and unique prize ideas in this previous post.

Things to keep in mind while planning for baby shower favors while hosting your own baby shower:Ā 

  • Baby shower favors are a nice way to say thank you to your guests for coming. They don’t have to be expensive or elaborate. A little trinket of appreciation is always nice. You can find some very inexpensive and cute shower favor ideas at this previous post.
  • Leave the shower favors on the tables for the guests to take one as they leave. Or, if they are a candy favor, for them to enjoy at their leisure.
  • Personalizing favors is very easy to do, and it adds a special touch to them. For example, write a special message in fancy font that says the name of either yourself, or the baby and the year. Attach the little note to the favor.
  • Ribbon and curly ques also help to add a special touch to the favor.

Third things third…Food, Drinks and Cake

Planning the menu when you are hosting your own baby shower can be a little tricky, but if you kept an R.S.V.P list, that should alleviate some of the burden ofĀ figuring out how much food you will need.

  • Finger foods and appetizers are perfect for a baby shower.
  • In general, the more food variety you have for your guests, the better. People like choices, so why not give them to them?
  • Decorate the food table to make it look more festive. Table confetti is always great.
  • Drinks can be simplified also. Lemonade and iced-tea are wonderful for baby showers, because those two drink items generally will satisfy everyone.
  • Ordering pre-made sub sandwiches is an easy way to feed your guests without breaking your back (figuratively speaking of course!) and they are moderately priced to fit most budgets. Think smarter, not harder.
  • The cake is one of the most important parts about a baby shower. It adds a special element to it that can’t be replaced. Whether you bake the cake yourself, or you order it from a bakery, just make sure it decorated to reflect the special celebration.
  • Another important part about the cake is to make sure you’ll have enough for each guest to have a piece.

Fourth things fourth…The Decorations

Decorations are what can make or break the baby shower. You don’t have to go overboard with them, just a few things will really set it apart.

Things to keep in mind while planning for decorations while throwing your baby shower:Ā 

  • Plastic table clothes are a great way to add a stepped up look to the baby shower. Color coordinate them with the color of the baby’s gender, or the theme of the shower.
  • Table confetti. Need I say more? I don’t have to, but I will. Table confetti is cheap and cute. Or you can make your own.
  • Balloons are very easy to add to any party decor, and they can bring out the celebration in us all. Tie some balloons to chairs, or make balloon bunches and place them around the room.

If you are planning and hosting your own baby shower, just remember not to stress yourself out. Ultimately, this should be a fun time for you, and not cause unnecessary stress. Do what you can, and don’t worry about what you can’t! Your friends and family members are there to celebrate with you, not to judge your abilities on planning a party while pregnant. Browse the rest of the site for other great tips and ideas for hosting a baby shower. We’ve got some good stuff here! Grab this printable baby shower checklist to help you stay organized.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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