Unique and Affordable Baby Shower Prize Ideas

Baby Shower Prize IdeasIt’s just about go time. You’ve planned out the menu, the drinks, the decorations, the games, invitations have been sent out…the only thing you have left is to get prizes to hand out! Sounds simple enough, right? Uh, yeah. Sometimes this can be the most difficult part in planning a baby shower.

You don’t want to throw the most memorable baby shower only to hand out less than sub par prizes. Below are some cheap and easy (but great!) baby shower prize ideas. A dollar store generally has a lot of unique and charming prizes, and you’d be surprised at what you can find there!

Baby Shower Prizes

When in doubt, try to keep the prizes related to the theme. (Here are some easy theme ideas to get you started if you’re still stuck on that.) If the theme is a sports theme, you could hand out sporting event tickets, if it’s a movie theme, hand out movie tickets…just to name a couple examples.

If the theme you have chosen is a more difficult one to match prizes with, that’s still okay.  Just modify it a bit. For example, if the shower is more of just a color related theme, you could hand out prizes that match the same colors you’ve decorated with – a pink theme gets a pink coffee mug. Or, you’ve chosen a safari theme for the baby shower and clearly (I’d assume anyway) giving out Safari tickets just isn’t gonna happen. Instead you decide on handing out a cute picture frame with Safari animals as a border.

Note: Packaging of the prizes goes a long way too. If the actual prize itself is not theme related, you can improvise by wrapping or packaging the prizes to match the theme. Instead of giving a picture frame with Safari animals, you could give out just a normal picture frame and wrap it up  in fancy and cute Safari animal print or ribbon.

Baby Shower Prize Ideas

Photo Frames: This is a great prize for anybody. Photo frames can have a very unique charm to them. By giving out photo frames as a baby shower prize, you’re sending the guest home with something they can use and will cherish for many years to come. Just keep this in mind though – if you’re going to give out frames for prizes, choose cute and charming frames. Don’t just go buy the cheapest wood frame you can find. There’s nothing charming about those. 😉

Candles: This is by far one of my favorite baby shower prizes. Everybody loves candles. Nobody can argue with that. When shopping for the candles, make sure you pick out a unique and fabulous scent. The scent of the candle will truly set the prize apart from just being an okay prize to a great prize. Decorations on the outside of the candle can also turn that okay prize into an amazing prize. Small details are the key here.

Sugar Scrub: This is so easy to make yourself, and you can put the sugar scrub in a mason jar and personalize it and decorate it however you want. This is a great gift because the guest can use it, or use it as a decorative piece in their bathroom. Homemade prizes are always a big hit.

Coffee Mug: A coffee mug is a great choice for game prizes, because they really are useful to anyone. Even someone who doesn’t drink coffee will still have a use for a mug. You can get plain mugs or decorated  mugs, you can also personalize them if you want. You can stuff the mug with candy or sweet treats, or a little package of hot chocolate or tea to add a special touch. You can also wrap ribbon and/or cellophane around it. Remember, packaging is everything! Note : Coffee mugs also make great baby shower favors.

Soaps: Scented and shaped soaps are a great prize idea also. Buy a fancy container (think porcelain sea shell fancy) and arrange the soaps so they look nice. The guests can then display the soap on the counter of their bathroom. If you have time or the desire, you can make the soap to add the personal touch.

Candy Bottle: This is probably one of the easiest prizes you can give out. Kids love it especially, and adults will enjoy it as well. Buy a bottle and fill it with candy, and voila! You have a nice little baby shower prize. (This is a great prize for the Candy Bottle Door Prize Game.)

Potted Plants: Plants add that comfortable home feeling to any home, and guests will love this as a prize! A small plant is affordable, and the winning guest will love taking home something that they can enjoy for a long time to come. You can buy several various plants to use as different prizes for the different games.

A Bottle of Wine : Enough said. Really.

Another idea that will set your prizes apart is to have the mother-to-be write a special message and attach it to the prizes. Adding that personal touch will give the prize more meaning.

There are so many ideas when it comes to prizes for baby shower games. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on them, just spend a little time thinking about how you can make an ordinary prize a dazzling prize! Just go to your local dollar store and browse for a while. You’ll find a lot of cheap and affordable things you can spruce up. It’s the presentation of the prize that matters, not how much money it cost.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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