Variation of the Dirty Diaper Game

Here is another variation of the Dirty Diaper Game. It’s a little easier to prepare for, but it certainly gets the same reaction as the first one! You’re baby shower guests will not be expecting this shower surprise!


  • Enough Unused Baby Diapers for each guest
  • Baby Food Jar or Candy Bar
  • One Basket or container to hold all diapers
  • Prize for the winner

1.) Prepare for the game before your guests arrive by making one diaper the “surprise” diaper. Do this by creating a mess inside using chocolate or baby food (if you use chocolate, use the microwave to melt the chocolate. Same rules apply as in the first Dirty Diaper Game.) It should look really disgusting. The more realistic the surprise looks, the better the reaction will be.

2.) Place the diapers in a basket and have the baby shower guests choose their diaper. Don’t tell them why they are picking a diaper. After everyone has picked, tell everyone to open their diaper up at the same time. One look at your guests faces and you will know who the winner is immediately. The guest with the messy diaper is the winner and gets a prize!

Prizes can and should be anything you want. Of course, candles are a common baby shower game prize, but it can be anything you want. Tip: An excellent prize for this baby shower game is the actual candy bar that was placed in the diaper (if you used a candy bar.) You are the hostess, so make it your own! A great place to shop for baby shower prizes is dollar or discount store, because you can get a wide variety of prizes for cheap.

This is a great game to play at baby showers, because everyone will be laughing at the silliness that is taking place. The laughter you’ll surely get from your baby shower guests will make the mother-to-be remember her baby shower, and your hostessing abilities will certainly be envied.

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Happy Baby Showering!

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