What Baby Shower Games Should You Play? Tips For Planning Games Successfully

Deciding what baby shower games to play at a baby shower can be a little overwhelming, and adds a slightly increased amount of stress to planning a shower without games.

No matter how you decide to proceed with planning the shower, I highly advise against skipping on them. Not only are they a traditional part of a baby shower, but games are a fantastic way to get the guests involved in the celebration, and they also allow everyone to participate and enjoy the event.

What Baby Shower Games Should You Play?

Tips for Choosing Games For a Baby Shower – What Baby Shower Games Should You Play?

Take the guest list into consideration when picking games or activities. You want to make sure you don’t play games that aren’t going to appeal to the general population of attendees. For example, the 90 year old great grandma may not be so hip on today’s celebrity baby names.

Decide if you want more of an actively engaged type shower, or more of a quiet and subtle shower. More actively engaging could be setting up different tables with different games for the guests to play, like the Dirty Diaper game or the Safety Pin game. More subtle may be playing games that continue on throughout the shower, such as Clothes Pin game (or Don’t Say Baby).

You don’t have to stick to one theme for the games. You can choose some printable games, some engaging activities, and also some subtle activities. Mixing up the different types of games will provide you and the guests with more of a variety, and the chances are higher you will make everyone happy with something.

You don’t need to overdo the games either. There is no need to cram in 10 different games. You don’t want the guests to feel as though there was no “free” time, so to speak. People like to socialize, so make sure you let them! A good rule of thumb is keeping the baby shower between 2-3 hours. Keep in mind you still have food, cake and presents to fit in that time frame. Overdoing games can make the shower drag on, in which will not make you, the expecting mother, or the guests happy!

Of course it is not necessary to have games or activities at the baby shower, but it is something that everyone has come to expect at one of these events. So why not give them what they want? Ha. Planning for baby shower games or activities doesn’t have to be stressful. Just choose between 6-8 things for the guests to participate in, and voila – you’ve got your games planned.

The only other thing you will want to make sure you plan for is the prizes. Prizes don’t have to be expensive or even amazing. You can make gift baskets with dollar store stuff, or you can decorate candles for the prizes. The point of the prize is not how lavish it is, it’s about the winner of the game receiving it. Cute and creative is the winner here!

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Happy Baby Showering!

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