What’s the Point of Having Baby Shower Games?

whats the point of baby shower games

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There are a million and one things that need to be done in order to throw a successful baby shower, so is it really necessary to make a million and two things on your list by including baby shower games? Yes, I believe so. Here’s why :

What’s the Point of Having Baby Shower Games?

Baby shower games are a great way to provide an easy solution for the awkward moments people have when they don’t know each other. A baby shower is absolutely going to have guests that have never met each other before. Think about it – you have the mother to be’s side and the father to be’s side…the chances are extremely high that up until this point there hasn’t been much interaction between the sides. Even if they have met before, they probably haven’t spent much time together, or the circumstances were something similar…like a wedding.

Having games to play opens up the playing field and gives the guests a reason to socialize with people they don’t know. I know this sounds weird, but what again, think about it. Would you rather force a conversation with someone, or have a reason to talk to them?

Another reason having games at a baby shower is great is because it really helps the time to go by. For you and your guests. We all know how dreadful baby showers are (and bridal showers and graduation parties, etc) but they’re what I call “have to do’s”. Nobody truly looks forward to attending a shower, but we all do it with a smile on our face and a false genuine happiness about it. I realize that last statement is the epitome of an oxy-moron, but hey…it’s kinda true. It’s a pretend genuine. And as women, we are damn good at it!

Playing games sets the schedule of the shower. There’s going to be less of those awkward moments and it’s not going to seem like the shower is dragging ooooon and ooon and on…because it really won’t be. Doing things always helps to pass the time, and baby shower games are no exception.

As if the previous two reasons for good enough for why you should have baby shower games, here’s another great one – because your guests have a chance to win something! People love to win things and get things for free, even if they are just a dollar store candle. Nobody can argue with that fact. Playing games is kind of a way to thank your guests for coming (of course, not to be confused with handing out favors. Those are an entirely different animal.)

Are games necessary at a baby shower? I guess you don’t have to have them…but after reading this, don’t you think they probably should be included?

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