Yay or Nay to Hosting Your Own Baby Shower?

hosting your own baby showerShould you host your own baby shower?  It may be that your friends and family aren’t available to throw you one, or don’t live close enough to plan such an event for you. Either way, an expecting mother should not have to forego her baby shower simply because she wasn’t offered one.

The Traditional Baby Shower

We are absolute suckers for tradition. We absolutely love it and would only trade them for alternatives if we were forced to. Baby showers on the other hand are a different ball game. Tradition calls for friends or family to host the shower. What is a mom-to-be to do when they simply aren’t available or can’t host the party? She hosts it herself, that’s what!

Be Creative!

If you’re about to be a mother and don’t have anyone to host a baby shower for you, then you have a choice between completely abandoning the baby shower idea, or hosting one yourself.

If you’re going the non-traditional route, then you need to embrace it. Be a little more creative with the event and make the most of the situation. If your friends and family aren’t close enough to throw you a shower, chances are that they won’t be able to attend it either. This will put a serious dent in your guest list.

At this point, you may want to recruit the hubby (or, father of the baby) and increase the invitation list for a co-ed baby shower. This will make it more of a gathering of people who care about each other and are joining to celebrate a life-event.

Make It About The Baby!

The entire stigma around throwing your own baby shower revolves around gifts. If a mother to be hosts it herself she is chastised for wanting presents. While it is normal for the pregnant couple to set the registry themselves, it may be frowned upon if you’re hosting one yourself.

Make sure that you keep the focus on the celebration of a new addition to the family. Accept presents graciously but don’t make them a requirement. If you do opt for a registry, make sure to register at a reasonably priced store listing only small gifts and the necessary items that your baby will need.

Find a Stand-in Host

Hosting a shower can be expensive and requires ample space to accommodate friends and family of the parent, especially if you’re hosting a co-ed shower. Chances are that your friends don’t have the financial resources or the space to hold one for you. In this case you can ask them to be a stand-in host as you plan the rest of the event. For space constraints, you can always rent a hall to accommodate your peers and family.

Embrace It!

There are far bigger concerns in life to deal with and the fear of hosting your own baby shower isn’t one of them. Baby showers are typically only held for the first child of the family and this may be your only chance to celebrate your pregnancy.

Bringing a life into the world is a very huge deal, and you and your bundle of joy deserve to be celebrated. So forget about the naysayers and host your own baby shower if you have to!

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Happy Baby Showering!

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